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RT @claudepatriat: Ce 16 novembre restera comme la métaphore d'un mouvement préfabriqué : 0,00045% de la population française réussiss…
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RT @jjptrash: Make Beret7 happen @GOT7Official (1)
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RT @MediacitesTlse: Vous souhaitez nous alerter sur un sujet sensible, témoigner ou nous transmettre des documents confidentiels ? Notr…
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@cruelsummerzayn That'd be beautiful sight
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RT @SalvadorQuishpe: Aquí está la base d nuestra economía y no en las estrategias de unos pocos ricos del mundo dueños de las multinacio…
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RT @IvyKungu: This is sending meeeeejdkxhcjxjx
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RT @MerseaFraming: Why not join us this Friday evening for a preview of the first ever Island Artists Christmas Exhibition at merseaba…
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RT @ActuFoot_: Didier Deschamps disputera ce soir son 100e match comme sélectionneur de l’Équipe de France. Son bilan actuel : ✅…
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RT @uresiinocoffee: 疲労困憊のスタッフが休憩している「バックヤード」という部屋をつくってみました。(D陣ではなくて青白い顔をしたスタッフがいるだけです) バックヤード
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@sonmnaeun I'd love to tell that you're bigger than me from both, the height and weight 😋 Just accept that you're i…
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RT @CaliConsNews: If you haven't read this yet, it's worth the read Post by the father of Sheriff's Deputy Brian Ishmael, killed in…
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RT @StarWeb_Afrik: THÈME DU JOUR: Le fouet est il nécessaire pour la bonne éducation d'un enfant?
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My YouTube channel will no longer be based on hair it will be more on D.I.Y’s and spreading knowledge to you all on…
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RT @rogertorrent: Tota la solidaritat amb el president @QuimTorraiPla. La causa contra ell forma part d’una estratègia generalitzada…
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RT @F_Descraques: Je suis fier de vous présenter LE JUGEMENT DERNIER que j'ai réalisé pour @francetvslash. Avec Dominique Pinon, Mi…
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Or it was Yoongi, the meanest, who would take him to his studio where other producers are present and they'd take t…
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RT @kimuti_X: 幼稚園の先生「みんな集まって~!」 園児A「先生の服からタバコの匂いする」 幼稚園の先生「しないわよ~汗」 園児A「これはMEVIUSの匂いだね」 園児B「いやMarlboroじゃない?」 園児C「いやLarkじゃね?」…
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Who got you feeling this t’d on a Sunday night 😂😂😂
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