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I love Carl’s (local Des Moines dive bar). Got free chili during football season, great people keeping the bar, ton…
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I’m still currently in.. does anyone need tickets ?!?! I can order them for you and you can PayPal me. Let me know I’ll help
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RT @dwembassy: Heavy machinery currently on Djab Wurrung country. The fight for survival is more in jeopardy than ever before.…
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Currently my personal theme song...😒
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RT @WajahatAli: Just met a couple, both doctors, from India and currently settled in Pennsylvania. Hardcore Trump country. Their pa…
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RT @CharlesPPierce: Is Rep. Matt Gaetz the biggest schmuck currently gracing the halls of Congress?
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RT @CREWcrew: Donald Trump’s sons are currently in charge of the Trump Organization, which is involved in several foreign busines…
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@LeeIdoc @puppy_Love_99 Trump is currently in second place. But he's still got 5.3 years. ☺
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RT @Lynchburged: currently having an early mid-20s life crisis
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RT @FightinHydrant: Isn’t it crazy how many superstitions you’re developing the further the #Nats go? I currently have about 10 I’m doing daily...
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@theAJspeaks @MatthewJshow @charliekirk11 @KamalaHarris @TPUSA 2020 updated resume.... currently unemployed.
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Looking to start a career in sales after leaving Financial Advice - As the title suggests I'm looking to start a c…
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RT @murphymike: Depressing thought: you can make a v strong argument that the greatest national security danger the United States (…
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RT @TheBespokeBook: Simon Hepworth was trained at LAMDA and is currently staring in Mother of Him at The Park Theatre, @BespokenBeyond
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@iiiamarudurichi Nope. Sabi ko preferred ko lang siya. Kasi i am currently drinking hot coffee. Kinompare ko lang hahahaha
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RT @KatieGustafson9: My fellow #libertarians I would appreciate support I believe in volunteerism over government aid. Please people ret…
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RT @owenawhaley: Reminder that Mitch McConnell is currently blocking bills that would Lower drug prices Raise the minimum wage Help…
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RT @adonis_jimin: Currently trending in Korea #1 precious Jimin #7 our Jimin #19 your birthday
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RT @TimesNow: At least 45-50 terrorists, including suicide bombers, are currently training at a JeM facility in Pakistan's Balako…
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RT @ubco2: Dozens of whistle-blowers from across the government are currently working with the House Oversight Committee to re…
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