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RT @MileHighSports: LISTEN: #MLS great Drew Moor (@DrewMoor) joins @TweetsDanny to talk about his time with the Colorado Rapids and wha…
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rewatching Mad Men and I swear I thought Marge was played by Whitney Cummings, did some research and found shes pla…
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Walked my dogs in the off leash park in Mill Creek Ravine near 93 Street. (My dogs were on leash, btw). Noticed lot…
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@GetBrexit_Done Option 3? They're letting it take its course to clear out the dead wood before Brexit? Got Cummings written all over it.
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@YsbrydShadow Indeed! The Cummings Rules of War handbook.
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RT @literlandweb1: "No ser nadie más sino tú mismo, en un mundo que está haciendo todo lo posible, día y noche, para hacer que tú seas…
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No news on Cummings hope he,not suffering too much
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@ian_cummings_9 Lmao! Not happening, sorry. Redskins are taking Chase. End of story.
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@ian_cummings_9 Every idea should be entertained. Loved that coach said they’ll be doing mock drafts and worse case…
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@SaorAlba59 The one on the right is not having his strings pulled by Cummings,Banks and Bannon.
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RT @jonsbaird: Cummings must go immediately. #SackCummings
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@TilesiLisa A decade ago we were dealing with Gove and Cummings in DfE 'The Blob' and 'enemies of progress' were th…
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Don't forget #PinocchioJohnson 's #Herd_Immunity delay a la psycho #Cummings . Worth registering free here for a r…
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Might watch this again. Donald Trump is roasted on Comedy Central by Jeffrey Ross, Seth MacFarlane, Gilbert Gottf…
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RT @DaisyAdeleleo: @dhs14651 @hmitchell0 Totally agree with you .. Cummings will go after Sky next
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RT @cyclingkev: If Johnson doesn’t sack Cummings today we will have the right to draw our own conclusions. #SackCummings…
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@Kareem_captain1 @ian_cummings_9 I didn’t say he wasn’t but if there is a player better than him you take him. You…
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@boucherhayes There seems to be a move afoot to erase Dominic Cummings & herd immunity from Johnson's flawed decision making . Won't work.
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RT @toooldforit: The fact that Dominic Cummings isn't currently the UK media's most sought-after political figure in history, tells…
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