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Leicester the favourite to miss out in the replies. So many crucial fixtures coming up, could be a last day cracker.
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Who plays ledt back now that Shaw and Williams are injured? This is a real test.... and at a crucial time.
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RT @hankrsmith: Yes, you are your brother’s keeper. No, you are not your brother’s doormat. Understanding the difference is crucial.
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RT @CommAe1: Dubai's increased focus on rigorous #cybersecurity oversight and controls may just be the crucial factor in helping…
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RT @mikecoulson48: After 3 years living with her grandparents in Iran, Gabriella Zaghari-Radcliffe is home. It’s even more crucial now…
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A Hip Hop/Rap & Rnb/Soul balance is so crucial 🎵. Music. I love it. 🎧.
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@ManUtd 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 why why why why .......why. Every time we expect good from this team especially at such crucial mo…
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@johnaokane @tjadeyemi01 Typical Lindelof at the end as well, always switches off at crucial moments
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What the hell is Maguire and Lindelof doing at my club? Man get out! How can my man be on the wrong side of the goa…
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RT @CalleyPoche: Lo de Naya Rivera nos duele demasiado. 💔 Hay que vivir cada día de la vida al máximo, demostrar cuánto amamos a qu…
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Voting in candidates that adhere to progressive policies for U.S. Congress (Senate & House) is much more crucial th…
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RT @eve_levenson: We told @JoeBiden that messaging of “back to normalcy” was not appealing to young voters, and it seems that…
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RT @ProfKarolSikora: No sign of any uptick in the NHS Digital online data. I think it's fair to say that the demonstrations across the…
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@chancetherapper Because Biden is not Trump... Voting for Kanye is a waste of time especially in a crucial election like this
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RT @Fedesmarque: El Sevilla se clasifica para la Champions después de un temporadón en Liga en un año que era crucial. Lo era por el…
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RT @EduardoHagn: Arsenal have to make a decision this summer. Either play Aubameyang as a CF or sell him and buy a top LW. The balan…
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RT @ftbIswanny: Excellent defending there from Lindelof, absolutely crucial he read that
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RT @CalleyPoche: Lo de Naya Rivera nos duele demasiado. 💔 Hay que vivir cada día de la vida al máximo, demostrar cuánto amamos a qu…
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@tweetofmicky @ManUtd So mu is fighting for 4th spot that means they have dropped crucial points
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RT @DiazUdocba: De la caja del #IOMA muchos han robado, se han realizado cobros indebidos que nosotros denunciamos y esto debe term…
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