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RT @holyroodmandy: Sturgeon says that the complaints process has never been declared unlawful 'despite what Alex Salmond said on Frida…
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what the fuck is pity??? what the fuck is dps???? WHAT IS CRIT RATE???? I JUST WANNA PLAY ANIME GAME AND VIBE WHAT ARE THESE THINGS
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@SirHavin You ask me this stuff as though I didn’t start playing a week ago 😂 Um. Energy regen and recharge stuffs…
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crit dmg i think
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(cackles) what if one of nameless bard's constellations is a revive that gives him 700 hp back plus 20% crit rate 5…
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@kaRo_lovemyself FR DJWJDJS unless you JJSY don’t level bennys ult and put a crit circlet on him instead of healing…
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helm gladiatora z atk i sub crit rate i dmg i know thats right
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@albedoslover i just stack attack on xingqiu i don’t have the time to build the usual 1:2 crit ratio
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@kh_0786 J’ai pas encore eu d’amende mais jdois rejoindre le periph sans me faire prendre sauf que sur waze c rempl…
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이야기는 누구나 만들 수 있다. 재미있는 이야기는 아무나 만들 수 없다.
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@smileydubu OH CONGRATS FOR GETTING HER, QUINN!!! Her artifacts are full of Crit rate so i brought her a crit dama…
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@AceontR dapet crit rate dr mana cuk
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@DaTruthDT I wonder why chat got mad at Truth for saying Cooler is better. Cooler gets 5 mil crit turn 3 aka if tru…
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RT @fairplaywomen: They say that section 22 of the GRA2004 prevents them from making a list of the prisoners who tell them they have a…
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@JohnBuddyHall @crit_gen What sanctions could Scotgov impose on AS given he was no longer there? This was solely to…
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RT @fairplaywomen: How can MOJ have a policy on a cohort of prisoners that they can't identify or count. /3
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@_kitsunemai_ If u have a razor or childe as dps best to use xinyan as supp ang handy kasi ng extra attack boost plus crit rate boost at c2
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RT @whyn0na: Come on maaaaan it’s my birthday let me do a crit come onnnnn
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