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RT @Interior: Dressed in fall colors, bathed in summer glory or covered in winter snow, @GrandTetonNPS will keep you coming back.…
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@NorcoPharmD Were you covered at the time this event happened? I think you should still be able to contact them.
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RT @Italianmike: 'This is oil country': Newly painted Greta Thunberg mural gets defaced, covered in slurs | CBC News
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😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 looking like strawberry covered raisins
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RT @jduffyrice: One time a few years ago I told this man I wrote about prosecutors and he was so condescending. He told me his frie…
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RT @Saints: Teddy, under pressure. Mike, double-covered. No problem 🤯
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Tonight’s @hqtrivia horror-themed video clip show was marred by all the video being shown underneath the question g…
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Some person I went to school with's family was covered in a magazine article for cooking a turkey in a trash can.
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RT @0ddette: okay I know I’ve covered this before 🤠 there’s a lot more. The Truman National Security Project is a “left-leaning…
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@chocolatlvr @fan_de_LoK @maartend4 u like covered 3 rows of people haha. I wish I'm as tall as u, lol.
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RT @LbMoult: @brithume If media was honest There would be NO Impeachment‼️ History will show @dnc & their media mouthpieces like…
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RT @LindaLiberty9: Americans have had enough of watching their sons and daughters come home in flag covered coffins. Enouph! No more…
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RT @joebuddenclips: Gucci wildin 😭😭😭 This must be covered on the podcast @JoeBudden
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RT @eatkinson48: Detective who led Epstein case died at age 50 after brief illness. This happened a month ago but as pointed out in…
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"He's literally covered in drugs." lolol #ProdigalSon
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Trying to find a cuddly bestfriend to call your own? Don't worry, we got you covered. Visit
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RT @chiefpolice2: @newtgingrich Mr. Gingrich, my name is Elizabeth Coady and I covered you as a journalist at the AJC. I have an urge…
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RT @Dewestmusic243: Don't forget: Bengazi General Flynn 33,000 Emails Seth Rich Infanticide Selling of Uranium 2 to Russia Pallets of…
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When a greedy shithead like @realDonaldTrump is left to his own devices, he will try to ignore the emoluments claus…
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