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RT @sparks_of_light: 💛Giveaway!💛 *Prize: 1 vault key necklace! Just RT and I'll randomly select a winner. Must be able to ship from he…
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RT @Lynn_GT: Just heard that the Government has lost track of at least 150,000 visitors to the country since new quarantine rule…
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RT @Tonya_Song: I may not talk about it much but it's hard not to be very aware that this country is going through a movement to tr…
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RT @swiftfiIm: people should fear taylor swift because if a 13 years old country album did this… i can’t even imagine 1989 or red
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RT @Myiste: How do we get taxed 40% of our incomes then watch people loot and run this country into the ground and yet the stre…
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RT @JDBAnalytics: .@danandshay & @justinbieber's grammy winning country smash "10,000 Hours" returns to Top 20 on US iTunes chart, at #18! 🇺🇸
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RT @starboyffs: Only Taylor Swift can rerelease a decade-old country album and still pull streaming figures similar or even BIGGER…
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If he’s well enough to do all these, then he’s well enough to address the country. But at the same time, idk if we…
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RT @AP: In a rare admission of the weakness of Chinese coronavirus vaccines, the country’s top disease control official say…
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RT @AimraIndia: @PiyushGoyal Alibaba can be penalised with a huge $2.78 billion fine in its own country, for market abuse & running…
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RT @priyankac19: Remdesevir now available at BJP office while rest of the country struggles with shortage. Ye bhi theek hai.
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RT @GeographyNow: As you guys know, Nothing is better than making a country video WITH natives in it. Say “Hi” to José and Ana , they…
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RT @HindHindh: Avaheh nu! If only ya'll had this energy towards the crooks and thieves currently running this country.
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@thenewsminute You don't speak for Indian. why would Indian pay to you. You should move to Pakistan or in any of #Chrislamist country.
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RT @ColesLeights: Amir Khan on the way to Gatwick Airport to leave the country after being called out by Conor Benn
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@HiIamaperson3 When e.g. China followed examples from the USSR on how to concretely develop their country, those un…
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RT @reenae_: 🌸 Tops 🌸 Country : 🇨🇳 K12,000 each Sizes : S ~ L Full Payment to Initiate Order Shipping inclusive
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@smitabarooah @jemin_p @Barugaru1 His spoon n fork examples really shows wat he thinks about comman masses . Unfor…
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RT @MeghUpdates: France 🇫🇷 Bans Prayers , Hijab and Burqa in Universities to tackle increasing Is|amic Dominance in Country
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