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RT @HeelsPropaganda: George Pettaway commits tonight @ 6:30 PM. I encourage all Tar Heel fans to tune in. Would be a huge get for Mack &…
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RT @RepCawthorn: We should never be a country that forces mandates down the throats of our citizens.
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RT @dee_adorbs: Ke flag ya which country? La traveller tlhe 🥺
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RT @gmacofglebe: In the last 20 years we've had seven elections that returned five minority governments. Perhaps expecting a majorit…
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RT @skurletonVA: im no city boy, im a country boy
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RT @MHafeez22: Always inspirational to meet my Hero & PM of our country @ImranKhanPTI Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zindabad
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RT @IhteshamAfghan: It is a shame that Afghans are selling their children but the ruling Taliban terrorists are roaming around the coun…
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@SenSchumer how about we take care of American Vets first? You and pelosi are destroying our country. How many ill…
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RT @ashlie_weeks: Most people in this country truly have no idea how much we are at risk of losing a 245 year old democracy.
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RT @Carolyn4GA7: Georgia has the third-highest uninsured rate in the country - and we all pay for this with higher premiums. At leas…
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RT @dm_ynwa2: Just read a tweet of a Red tuning in via radio at 3am in their country to hear the Norwich game.. don't ever tell m…
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RT @MrsT106: Alejandro Mayorkas has completely failed this country.
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RT @panellap160: Honestly? I have been on this Earth for 55 years. I have Served been to other Countries while in The Corps. I've s…
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RT @alexdelves: A great opportunity to work with one of the best clubs for developing young players in the country, whilst having t…
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RT @KhairUl35470986: Pakistan is peaceful & Safe Country for American & NATO forces But not safe for CRICKET #IndianSportsTerrorism…
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@KagutaMuseveni Now that churches are open,we shall pray untill those demons that have harden your heart to lock th…
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RT @MrsT106: Alejandro Mayorkas has completely failed this country.
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RT @Tarkzsc98: Our country doesnt give u justice so @Shikabala go ahead and prepare a good file for what happened with u by meghad…
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@WSMV Wait maybe they meant the old white dude that’s failing out country right now..
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RT @_DammyB_: Country: peru Capital: para Landmark: sanfranciscogermany Language: woniwonwami Currency: peruzzi
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