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RT @stucornell: The Milky Way rising into the Cornish night sky. This clip captures a period of 2.5hrs, condensed into 23 secs.…
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@julie_cornwall_ @galankay Is this trying to show how it took Katy 10 mins to respond or how you never responded to her text🤔😬
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@ewatomiabara Free Cornwall too before phasing out the English landmass.
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RT @BBCNews: Hattie the seal put down after two years entangled in net in Cornwall
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@deelomas @ryandarcy63 I think I’m right in saying Dee (HL) that his constituency is in Cornwall, his businesses re…
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RT @sancaveneta: We congratulate SNP and PC for their success in the respective parliamentary elections, and MK and YP for the brill…
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@LukepostingLs Independent Cornwall Also you could make northern England independent if you really want to fuck over the Brits
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@shellhun44166 @chrisshipitv @Oprah @AppleTV The Royal Family finance themselves from Duchy of Cornwall and Duchy o…
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RT @DafyddApWeylin: @_JamesCresswell @GeorgeMonbiot If Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and England were in an equal union then the s…
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@RubyWingtips I adored those books when I was in high school. Always wanted to be the damsel in distress in a crumb…
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New: Teacher of Mathematics [Fixed Term] Helston Cornwall England #TeachingJobs
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RT @historydailypix: The barquentine Mildred, carrying cargo from Newport to London, found itself in a dense fog while passing under Gur…
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RT @HOTDBr: URGENTE 🚨 Novas fotos vazadas do elenco de #HouseoftheDragon durante as gravações da série em Cornwall 👇
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RT @jayshreevakil: Do you like the wall preview of Cornwall Heron? This beautiful wading bird is right at home in the tidal estuaries…
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04:04 on 11 May 2021 Temp: 7.1 C, Humidity: 91% Wind: 4.5 mph from S, Pressure: 1002.3 mb, Rainfall: 0.0 mm…
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8- If I don't get to live the next 4 years of my life on my swathes of the cities of Porto Fino and London, a tempe…
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New: Teacher of Computing-IT Helston Cornwall England #TeachingJobs
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Romantic moorland cottage hideaway in Cornwall: Pixie Nook
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