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RT @_donniiiii: "you don't like *insert nasty food here* cause your family can't cook" No, I promise I still wont like it if your…
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RT @oakeymations: wondering how pol martin is going to cook beef teriyaki in the microwave and then he pulls THIS SHIT
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RT @Jnr_elnino: Person don cook Indomie Covid 19 palliative already 😂 no time 🤣🤣🤣
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Being able to cook Sam breakfast in bed for his birthday today has me so excited for the many years I will continue to do just that. 🥰
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I don't cook, I don't clean but for him I... 👀
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RT @_leeejayy: She is dead so yeah she can’t cook
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@realdotslice Cook pork chops 🤷🏾‍♀️
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RT @TVFGI: German Potato Soup with Bratwurst is an easy comforting recipe to add to your soup rotation this fall. It takes jus…
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#inktober2020 #Inktober Day 22 - Chef I've learned not to cook for the Yetis too often when I come to visit. They l…
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Watch Mr governor and his PR team try to cook up another disgusting lie to cover up this shit show. There is no excuse for this really...
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RT @realfunghi: Mom: Do you want some cookies I made? Me: Did you cook your grandchild? Mom *sighs*: That bag of flour was a high…
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Tim Cook Type Beat: Alex Errday «iPhone 12» 🆓 Download or 💸 purchase:
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RT @capsulebutt: How to cook meatballs: 1. Prep the meatballs 2. Switch on stove 3. Check cat isn’t licking the meatballs 4. He’s…
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RT @000n00Ise_: ヘタリアにハマると世界の全てが供給になるので、「あっこれイギリス産なんだ(購入)」「この化粧品フランスのブランドなのね(購入)」「イタリア語かあ(学習)」みたいになるし、過去「住める推し」「(空気を)吸える推し」と称して海外に飛んだ知り合いをたくさん見てきました
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@lNEFFABILITY they gave me: bi i am: mayhaps they gave me: aquarius i am: capricorn baby they gave me: cooks the b…
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When I feel nervous, sometimes I cook to calm myself down. There's no shame in indulging in your hobbies!
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RT @_donniiiii: "you don't like *insert nasty food here* cause your family can't cook" No, I promise I still wont like it if your…
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RT @Cikjuetwo: Saya nak offer diri saya utk jadi kerja as Cook utk sapa2 je yg memerlukan. Pengalaman. Commis : Traders hotel (…
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RT @victaerian: this man can rap, write, produce, compose, play piano, dance, paint, cook, fix things, build items AND play the gui…
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