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RT @ToddKenreck: Convincing your friends to Dungeon Master is like hoping an IMAX movie theater opens up next door.
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RT @NenyeChelsea: Well, it been long I complained about Chelsea line-up. I have no problem with the midfield and attack. But that de…
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RT @RenyTay: one of the greatest tricks white supremacy ever pulled was convincing some Black folks that white women were a mino…
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@phume22 LOL! Was watching the other day after a long time and her role and the sister 😏 not convincing at all
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@banisterfiend @chbergma @o_guest « The racist product we buy is produced by Italy and not us » is not a very convincing defense really
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RT @JaneOst_: hello I'm a big stupid terf, my hobbies are forging alliances with evangelicals for feminist reasons and convincing…
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RT @tannienobela: swifties are so adamant at convincing everyone that taylor doesn't benefit from white privilege 😭
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after watching @McCreamy video im convincing the mandalorian sniper is the best gun in the game
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Just for everyone's info, this acc is the most low effort but surprisingly convincing bait/troll account I've ever…
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RT @DivineBiba: @ClarkeMicah Graham Brady-courteous intelligent libertarian principled...Sir Desmond Swayne- convincing argumentati…
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RT @DominicCaruso1: Haphazardly searching my mind for convincing ways to argue that the plural should be cookies monster.
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@nytimes Seems smart strategically. If doctors and nurses agree to get the vaccine (and do), I (average joe) will…
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Lurk and chat!! 🖤🥺 (hint, hint, in the works is a little match making show- my bachelors still need a little convincing)
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@CBSNews I agree with him. Rhetoric matters, people. You can tell most people have not gone to college cause you ge…
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Pandemic board game add-on where you now have to devote resources to convincing dumbasses to take the vaccine.
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RT @immigrationcom: @JennaEllisEsq Ms. Ellis, proving fraud requires a standard of evidence referred to as “CLEAR AND CONVINCING.” T…
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📝 | Macclesfield FC U19 ‘B’ team returned from lockdown in the perfect fashion with a convincing 5-0 over Wolverham…
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@Nepptunesx yes yes of course we go down the line, karl, sapnap, bad, skeppy, techno, wilbur, tommy, tubbo, philza…
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@yaf @conservmillen Wait. Isn’t your whole shtick convincing White kids that they’re somehow the real victims on college campuses?
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@iitsAarxn You compete to be the best you can be, to fill the hunger you have to be great, and I lost that a long t…
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