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Convinced my friends hate me. Goodnight lol
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@clare_eliza I was also convinced my partner would get it at his work as so many people haven’t been taking precaut…
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RT @darrengrimes_: Unless the new variant turns you into a flesh-eating zombie, frankly, I’m not convinced it’s proportionate to close…
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RT @taestheticgukie: im convinced ....they kissed 🤔
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RT @thedulab: I’m pretty convinced the closer the friend, the less you two interact. Something about knowing that the loyalty is…
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RT @tcourtois1ii: Ronaldo gets hate for literally every single thing he does i’m convinced this guy is the most hated footballer of all time
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@julianburdzik @Nada_OneOfAKind @mdlgle We have everything we need already yet are convinced and programmed to want…
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Was at the lunch where you spoke yesterday with Cabinet & 200 MPs. You asked for a show of hands who's had their b$…
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RT @woozykarl: we all know george has for sure had to have seen dreams face but i’m also convinced that karls seen parts of his fa…
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RT @TheOtherG1: Last night I convinced an un-vaxxed fence sitting community WhatsApp member to get the vaccine. I'm now picking her…
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@zagaraazul @meowscloud mwahhh u convinced me to finally start hehe
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@sebh1981 I'm not convinced that your imaginary sky-friend had anything to do with this. Surely, being the proven…
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RT @ANKAMAGYIMI__: I’m convinced it’s just his innate behavior. He can’t keep quiet when he sees something
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tonight’s frustration takes the form of a cheater who posts montages of their cheated games to youtube and has some…
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RT @ABSCBNNews: Rico Blanco convinced Maris Racal to record Pinoy version of ‘Starting Now’
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when i was in school i convinced my homies that saying ‘black friday’ is racist cuz i made up that it originates fr…
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@9395_YM_779 I’m convinced that his phone is full of yoongi’s pics
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@toryboypierce @MailOnline Sorry not convinced about Dorris!
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@Kurt0411Fifa He could miss every game of the calander year and im convinced he would still win it. Not saying he s…
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