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@SenWarren you were AMAZING tonight! On 🔥🔥🔥‼ You've been my #1 for awhile BUT, it was TONIGHT that CONVINCED me tha…
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RT @ActorAaronBooth: Frankly, I don't even think it's close calling anyone as big of a loser tonight than those two. Biden *could* be a…
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There's a couple of ppl on here who are pretty much bullies,I'm not convinced the woman is really a woman and shes…
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bro i just convinced my girl to be with me again AND U GONNA SNAP LIKE THIS ON THE TL??!!
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RT @GeorgesLaraque: When we’re so convinced the Habs were gonna beat the Red Wings last night that you make a bet... Well I lost! Lol Q…
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RT @billjamesonline: Moderator: Mr. James, what is your question for the candidates? James: Why are you guys all so angry? Are you c…
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@Scoopstronaut Horses are terrifying. Also, I'm convinced dragons are giant horses.
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RT @liorasophie: @ewarren @ewarren You just convinced me not to vote for Bloomberg.
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now i should go to this bitch house since she’s so convinced i was trynna fight
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Frankly, I don't even think it's close calling anyone as big of a loser tonight than those two. Biden *could* be a…
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RT @mattduss: Congrats to whichever grifter consultant convinced Bloomberg to appear at this debate. You are an American hero.
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Just bet $40 UNC wins the ACC tournament. I am convinced a healthy UNC team can compete with anyone in the conferen…
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RT @ASegals: Republicans have to be furious with themselves that they didn't get Ivanka to quit the Trump administration in a hu…
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RT @Bakari_Sellers: Bloomberg is about to fire whoever convinced him to stop hiding behind his money and show up at this debate.
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@Hanib__ WELP i’m convinced 😴😴
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RT @TwiGGOLBittiess: really convinced ima nigga in a female body😂😂😂cause ion act nun like these hoes🥴💯
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RT @djamilaknopf: The more teach & simply talk to artists, the more I realise that they are looking for permission to just do the thi…
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RT @cutiepiesensei: I’m convinced that seeing me post a photo is like seeing a double rainbow. It happens but just......rare lol. Anywa…
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Y’all, Trump is going to win re-election. He has the luck of the Auburn Tigers at night in Jordan-Hare. I’m convinc…
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yes. i was convinced that i had completed a book that no one could read. anyway i'm interested in what these seller…
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