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leave me awestruck. no one has ever had this much power over me. and such a positive power too. he never fails to m…
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RT @libcomorg: More than 50,000 refugees were intercepted by the British and put into camps.
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RT @WASABIxWALLS: About trigger warnings : You need to have the space between tw and // and the trigger content Like tw // self harm…
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RT @Zeus11117: Twitter, Google, Facebook CEOs face questions on content monitoring policies (Via FOX21 News)
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to: @mysmelovebot (1/2) ♡ Hello, you're so nice, kind, caring, sweet, stunning.. the list could go on and on you…
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Among those who survive to discharge, one in three still depends on RRT at discharge, and one in six remains RRT de…
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RT @readerwonu: “ langit lupa ” (vernon x reader au) ♡ — nonabelle received a text from her ex-boyfriend, vernon, asking her to a…
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RT @shehnazSoloFc: 🌟New Instagram Story @ishehnaaz_gill Waooo Today Is Content Day.. Love U Princess 🥰😘🤩😍 #ShehnaazGill…
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23. How much gil you got? ONLY 1 MIL NOWADAYS cause I spent a lot after returning from break but I also haven't do…
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@detectivejancys i want to but idek how like gimme milf charlie content nowwww
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RT @agatadiduszko: Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości ocenzurowało artykuł o zapobieganiu przemocy seksualnej wobec dzieci w kościele! Tekst…
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Hey! I’m Lucky Chappy, I’m an Australian Partnered Streamer on @FacebookGaming. I always dreamed of being a conten…
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@kstuffs123 If you've uploaded a content from multiple sources or repurposed someone else’s then you won’t be eligi…
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IG is for cute animal content and Reddit is for PC and plant content. That's all that matters.
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@dongb6ix Need that Yeonjun Daehwi content for my soul 🥲
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@Freshbreadd1 @ayoflaccko @owanaemii @femophantom Content not available ughhhhh🤦🏾
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Not a fan of the equal proportion between neverthorne and everlark content in thg🤩🤩🤩
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RT @sanahumeri: Ajj kitne content hogye batoo sare warna naraz hojo gi #WaadaHai
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RT @ftchina: China turns to domestic demand to power economy
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