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RT @sakaimii: I know I say this every single time but guys. Please give IDOLiSH7 a chance. Please experience this constantly evol…
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RT @JoelOsteen: Hebrews says, “Hold fast the confession of your faith.” You have to hold fast to what God has put in your heart. Th…
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@bintayyub__ My advice won't make an impact I know 😭🙏I constantly still have to remind her May Allah ease both your hearts
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i am going to irresponsibly adopt a dog i have spent no time with and then cry boohoo about it not being comfortabl…
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@saxena_puru He is Such a joker who constantly needs attention 👎
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RT @modoshie: I love softness. I love soft words. I love soft actions. I love when someone is kind to me. I don’t like having to…
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@4YrsToday 😂 - no, of course it’s not, she constantly lied to the American people.
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meditating is hard when you have 4 clingy birds that constantly scream for your attention .. ;-;
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@CarryMe_There Same! As I sit here now, im constantly hit with emotions like emptiness. I just wish I was there .…
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RT @krishtun_: people who constantly lose friends and are with new “friends” every other month 🚩🚩🚩
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RT @SwetaMSTJ: Time flies so fast, it feels like ystrdy wen we celebrated his strt in musical journey, nw we r abt to welcm his 5t…
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@Speedster1012 lmao LETS GOOOOO, its because they're content creators that don't like and constantly call out toxic behavior from fanbases
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Is there is reason WWE is constantly putting announcers on their shows that lack enthusiasm? #NXTTakeOver
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RT @themouseyouknow: Constantly thinking about this image
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Beatty contributed to some of the most popular movies of his time and worked constantly. His credits included more…
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@pockiseisont Tiny, grumpy Calli. Kiara still loves her, but just constantly teases her with short jokes.
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i highly disagree and anyone in my phone knows i CONSTANTLY use this as a reply.
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If you hope to win but constantly find yourself needing to be motivated by someone, know you're not there yet....…
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I'm sick of constantly struggling to communicate.
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