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RT @hultmark_mark: Opinion | It’s time to say it: The conservatives on the Supreme Court lied to us all. - The Washington Post
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RT @David_Mulroney: Taxpayers should not have to 'subsidize' rich telecoms that chose Huawei, Conservatives say
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RT @ColumbiaBugle: @RyanGirdusky @JessicaV_CIS @CIS_org Congressman @DanCrenshawTX, why do you support America Last Bill HR 1044? A b…
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RT @RyanGirdusky: This is a phenomenal interview. This is what a winner sounds like - puts forward a tangible vision - coalesces con…
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I understand the confusion with some boomers regarding PF; some that are calling PF ‘feds’ are likely feds themselv…
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Opinion | It’s time to say it: The conservatives on the Supreme Court lied to us all
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@KEBrightbill There are literally no conservatives who have problems with the commerce clause because of integration.
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@mattyglesias @Noahpinion As in, conservatives are pushing density?
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RT @ebottcher: Never forget that there was a time when conservatives had no problem wearing masks.
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RT @mehdirhasan: We'll be discussing and debating how an anti-Trump, pro-democracy coalition between liberals and conservatives can…
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@Yo_Ross @StrewthQueen @RealPhilGold @BurtStanton3 So either Labor is lying to the conservatives by platforming con…
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RT @Tsiehta: What does it mean when you hear the @CPC_HQ and others say they are “Fiscal Conservatives?” This👇👇👇👇👇 #cdnpoli
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RT @libdemdaisy: “This by-election is a chance for people in #NorthShropshire to send a powerful message to Johnson’s Conservatives…
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"misused by conservatives" Keep selling that snake oil.
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@TheTimMcGraw doesn’t support the 2nd amendment, but is gonna be a main character in tv series 1883. Yellowstone’s…
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Conservatives are really conflicted and cowardly, go on PatriotFront(dot)US and see for yourselves. They literally…
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RT @rcp_1964: It was a lie: that they were blank slates committed to “originalism” & “textualism,” they wouldn’t “legislate from…
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@TorontoStar The conservatives think they can fight the liberals and yet they seem to be fighting amongst themselve…
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The appointment of Parag Agrawal as the CEO of Twitter has alarmed conservatives because of his statements that he…
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