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RT @moarmybuys: will confirm na agad agad tonight kung makuha itoo: ✅ENHAHSB_3 (Secret letter) ✅ENHAHSB_JY (jay set) ✅ENHAHSB_NK (…
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Can anyone confirm for me please - does Mr Porteous look now?
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RT @PoliceScotland: Police Scotland can confirm that a 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of Amber Gibson.…
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After further investigation, I can confirm that Clairo is miles ahead of Billie Eilish
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RT @kaushkrahul: No, IT DOESN'T. Quran says only Allah is Supreme God and NO ONE ELSE. Ask any muslim friend of yours and he will c…
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RT @FrankKane_1: @NotATweeter16 @StephenKing I can confirm, no other western country wants to replicate American society at present.
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@Evanit0 As someone from the west coast currently living on the east coast, can confirm that the cold is a bitch on both.
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@bart_smith i can neither confirm nor deny
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@jmbperry Hello! We're sorry to learn of these delivery issues! Would you please confirm for us who's the carrier f…
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RT @Sheldon_Sniper: Daily close above 59K will confirm bullish breakout $BTC
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RT @sbg1: So not only was Mark Meadows participating in covering this up, but so were at least two additional aides who have…
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RT @FrankKane_1: @NotATweeter16 @StephenKing I can confirm, no other western country wants to replicate American society at present.
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Having spent more time on a train to and from Wrexham than I did actually *in* our Wrexham office today, I can conf…
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RT @KayKaty: @SenatorCollins @SenDuckworth @POTUS Meanwhile Republicans are doing everything possible to overturn Roe which…
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@GOTm0kle @VeVeVault Yes I’ve seen that one myself and it does seem that Spider-Man is overwhelming more popular ri…
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@ZacClevenger Can confirm your tweet.
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@sarahnwode @tessajlrichards 2) When bill arrives & one suspects a test has been ordered necessarily/redundantly, s…
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RT @ucu: ‼️“I mean you're a vice chancellor" Listen to this BBC interviewer’s shock as university bosses defend zero hours…
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@SummerS94567271 @RachelRachel945 @Nerdy_Addict @mikerreports False reporting causes more grief for the family! Ne…
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RT @BruceHayden2019: Tonawanda baby rapers operating on Cleveland and northwood dr 24/7.. Confirm confirm confirm Got Them City
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