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Still not entirely over the one occasion where the radio played divine comedy being snippets of Europop over their…
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I don’t often post work stuff here, but I need to show y’all these topiary sculpture concepts I’ve been sketching
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RT @CYB3RP3T: can we normalize avoiding using specific pronouns for concepts.. like can we make it gender neutral ?? for ex: most…
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RT @ninety4feet: toronto raptors ( @Raptors ) jersey, warm-up, and court concepts. #WeTheNorth | nba uniform refresh |
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Debuting the e-Drag and N-One RS K-Climb for Tokyo Auto Salon.
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RT @locustdownsouth: Male and Female V original Concepts from #Cyberpunk2077 @JakubWu
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RT @ChildOfAlba: Davidson is, quite rightly, getting her arse royally handed to her, here. She’s left looking out of touch, I’ll-inf…
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@PFF A #1 receiver means nothing if your OC still runs it 65% of the time. Maybe hollywood is a 1? Maybe lamar can'…
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RT @OmartFle: Concepts... // This tweet was programmed. When you see this I will be in vacation and I will not be able to see t…
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These concepts are my favourite.
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RT @dubueerzz: concepts behind their chereographies --
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8 ways for online teachers to keep it simple | 🍎 4. Explain complex concepts using numbered points. This approach h…
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RT @ChefGruel: Had to shutdown one of my concepts in May- Butterleaf. We lost much of our savings. We filed our final sales tax re…
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@TomKingTK Rorschach 4 was nothing short of brilliant. The Watchemen legacy is held to such high esteem and…
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RT @abakcus: Sum Times: Beautiful Mathematical Street Art from @aakashnihalani Street artist Aakash Nihalani loves to have fun…
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RT @locustdownsouth: Male and Female V original Concepts from #Cyberpunk2077 @JakubWu
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RT @sinagedesign: It's hard promoting your OWN artwork concepts that aren't associated to a movie and/or existing brand. This is my o…
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RT @faeriefountain: Contributing concepts for Ruined Karma was an absolute BLAST. Was so fun reimagining these champs under the influen…
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@somnodoggy I LUV YE CONCEPTS
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