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RT @oyindamola__a: Need to attend a party so I’ll shout and scream when they play coming and mandeman remix.
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@vinegardog1 @farscape @PrimeVideo °How many times have Braca & Scorpy get it on? °When is Natira making a come bac…
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@FlyEagleInTrain No. I don’t wanna know shit about when PR is coming out lol. Surprise me
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@AngelGabriel4al Hooo! No. Am not in Lagos. When are u coming to ibadan? D Mega City, the largest City in Africa
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RT @loveperrysk: When people won't stop siphoning your's time to go ELECTRIC LET'S GET 300 REPLIES WITH KATY PERRY IS C…
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RT @2orangebirbs: Thinking about when @Ducktales season 3 can finally premiere on @disneyplus and then all will be right with the wor…
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Really frustrating when a worker messages me that they aren’t coming in because they’re “exhausted” after I let the…
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@jimiuorio Because they know they screwed up in 2000 when walked out the back door American skilled tech engineers…
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RT @is_cider: Perry is the Pinot Noir of the other fruit wine world. Difficult to produce - sensational when made carefully. Look…
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RT @afterlaughbot: Tell my friends I'm coming down we'll kick it when I hit the ground
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Coming back to Twitter with this, how do you deal with your stutter? Is it worse when you speak on the phone? Or wh…
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Tell my friends I'm coming down we'll kick it when I hit the ground
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RT @danielmarven: When Khanyi Mbau and Dineo Ranaka speak, I listen. There’s just so much wisdom coming from these two women.😂
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More money is coming your way NEXT on KOOL 108! Listen for your shot to win $1000 with the Thousand Dollar Payday!…
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The next #REShowcase is coming up and we'll be streaming our reactions! Follow us on and j…
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@zChigz @Vortexiaa @vyyros When’s the new pc coming @zChigz
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@BarackObama ALL due respect Mr Pres: i Agree. you are an important man, but the day's coming, u'll stand b4 GOD LI…
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RT @_Rawilcox: What direct action tactics can we set up to prohibit them from coming into our cities? What lines of communications…
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