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Thankyou for coming to my life, you're my strength, and you're the reason why i can found my happiness in you.
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RT @EXOGlobal: [!] 191113 EXOLs, you saw this question coming.. 😏 Which one do you prefer? #CHANYEOL or #CHANYEØL? Reply this wi…
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RT @Pastor__West: Something good is coming your way. The next thing God does for you and your family will be big, and mind blowing.
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RT @AhmedBaba_: Well there you have it. Confirmation of who we all suspected the redacted identity of the person on the other line…
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RT @BankXRP: CME Group Options on Bitcoin Futures Coming January 13, 2020 *Pending regulatory approval
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RT @tomqe: Supervised Kotobukiya figure. Coming soon! 今日はコトブキヤさん版バージルの監修をしました。カッコイイです!
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RT @vhsboi: female rapper collage coming thru. ill be adding more this week. @AsianDaBrattt @theestallion
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RT @Rohan_312: At last. The Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe is slowly coming together.
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RT @thetimeusedtobe: A critical path to #CUHK, Tolo Highway, has been blocked by dozens of Police cars. Rescue service & other citizens…
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Morning Twitter have some art updates coming soon. Also some Housamo sentai season 2 news. The project is live and…
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RT @ravnsvmone: when you start to feel a pimple coming in
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RT @ravnsvmone: when you start to feel a pimple coming in
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RT @stocktracker7: FDBK Another 250k buy as they move the bid up busy week coming with double whammy news coming for IQAI/FDBK #TRX g…
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PS - Conciliarism is the Michael Myers of heresies: it just keeps coming back.
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RT @LoveNLunchmeat: Sometimes when I hear babies scream, I'm not sure if it's coming from them or from inside my own head.
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RT @ShimonPro: Wow we are done with direct examination! Prosecutor’s essentially end with Gates telling the world that Trump was…
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RT @Qanon76: Indictments coming. [2019] #qanon
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RT @ravnsvmone: when you start to feel a pimple coming in
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oh so that's why i'm seeing buddy award throwbacks on the tl djxhsjsj buddy awards is coming soon, hopefully this will push through now 😂
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