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It's the weekend. We can't think of anything better than beer & pizza, but wait...Screamin' Sicilian 'Za Brewski ha…
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filming his collab vids for his onlyfans so we can both dine at the shard and dior each other with the elite
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@K00RARA U better manifest it well...Imagine they make a collab for MAMA since I think that both groups have some hatered for that show
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025. 🦊 im so excited 🤩 🐶 nothing's changed. u're still overeacting 🌰ex why r u so excited? 🦊 coz.i'm gonna collab w…
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changbin and wooseok both being eliminated from smtm i think y’all should collab
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what do taylor swift and rosé have in common? they’re both natural blondes now collab @roseanne_555 @taylorswift13
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@theonlyrealeli @thenazee @soul_fool @WESTSIDEGUNN true. both of those are technically collab albums too. H8 would…
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@highkeyhateme my biggest flex is that i get featured on the @finn_bin_ twitch streams you guys should collab becau…
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@intotheloving Like why? This is a great thing for both of them bc its a HUGE collab, so i dont get it, AND WHO SAI…
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@JIDsv @Xchrispatrick @KAYTRANADA y’all both amazing story tellers, should collab one day🥺💛💛
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liam said him and dixie never actually talked, just texted a little meaning it’s their team that made the collab ha…
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@N4DHIR6H @AERYS88 can u both collab
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RT @deIicateknj: If we all say ariana ft. Jungkook at the same time they'll both hear us and make the collab happen
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@Izumi_Echo i would try and do both, but i have human work, and then going straight into a phasmophobia collab right afterwards
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@Kosseart You're both good persons/friends and I'm glad you're doing that. This is a lovely decision and it will be the loveliest collab'!
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@queennaija We need both of y'all to collab tho
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RT @imdaneka: 💜BTS collab giveaway💜 Rules: -mbf me and @YoongisSeesaw__ -like and rt -tag two moots -show proofs that you fol…
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anyways binnie and bobby are both amazing artists & the next time yall out them in the same sentence make sure its talking about a collab
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@konpithepuppy I rewatched samupara few days ago and realized they covered songs that were rarely touched by Jrs be…
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