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RT @9ZEROESS: Caught the cold for the past 2 days or so but now feeling better! Let's get to work! @DogeZillaCoin
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RT @abidickson01: I must say ‘I’m cold’ 1000 x a day
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When it’s cold outside but you feel the heat
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RT @English_Channel: mom: Stevie, I have your coat. It's going to be cold today Stevie: ugh!!! you are embarrassing me, mom!!
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RT @FlowersEnglish: ‘This is no life’: Migrants in bitterly cold Dunkirk camp ask why England isn’t doing more to help THE ANSWER IS WE…
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RT @hyejoolbs: feeling cold from ur ed is validating until you have to wear multiple layers and it makes you look bigger 😟
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I'm in the running to win 2 packs of Baby It's Cold Outside Tea and Mother's Are Magic Mug (Worth £24) thanks to…
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RT @WhyBLEACH: You see this cold weather, this might be the coldest I’ve felt in a long time
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2 slices of pizza, 3 chix wings, 1 cinnamon stick and a piece of garlic bread with 1 cup of sprite; the ultimate fo…
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Fascinating talk about soundscapes on a cold water water reef in Norway and how its changed as a result of covid re…
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I wanna hold your hands and dance with you in the glow of a streetlight on a cold night
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@skzismyuniverse i love winter you should come to india then it's amazing here 😭 i used to live in the UK and i know how cold it gets
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@FraserNelson Can’t use something that isn’t real. The fever dream that was Brexit hits some ice cold reality.
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RT @jSeolhee: 🐯 And again, I hope we can be together in one place and talk about what we were up to, see your face too, hear your…
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@beachcombergran I went onto the patio the other day and spotted this up high! I immediately thought of you ! It’s…
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3 for a cold wild Wet Snowy Saturday
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RT @BenjaminNorton: The US is backing a violent coup attempt in the Solomon Islands, to overthrow the democratically elected government…
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@LindaGailBekker @Abramjee We tried to warn you a long time ago. Vaccines take a long time to develop. They can not…
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@aulgreg38 Just bitterly cold now as well
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RT @Sajana00299420: RISING PHOENIX TEJASSWI And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind You gave me all your lov…
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