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me, drinking an extra coffee in the afternoon: (: also me, remembering more than one coffee a day makes me really restless and jittery: ):
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(And no, there were no other coffee joint options. Didn't even pass a freaking McDonalds.)
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Had to do a service call and I really wanted a coffee. Every single Tim Hortons between my office and their office…
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@ScmorganAuthor And only running on two cups of coffee. My body doesn't hurt too bad but I need to stretch for sure…
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All I know is drink iced coffee and listen to podcasts about how bad dr oz is
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VERO GIORNALE, edizione 10 maggio 2021 - Il telegiornale di RINASCIMENTO ITALIA
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RT @_uukp: Black coffee 🖤🖤.
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RT @hella_sj: is this a new eSports team logo? or a logo for a brand of coffee cups?
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RT @thethriftywitch: Spell jar for lasting romance: -Maple -Ground cinnamon -Dandelion -Garnet + amber (substitute: clear quartz) -…
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Jiu has suddenly decided to chew anything. Shes chewing on our coffee table this morning and now she just ruined an SD card.
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RT @Tmoney68: *Tries new coffee with 300% more caffeine* "It's okay. Can't feel a difference." [5 minutes later] *Throws refrigerator out window*
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RT @SEUNGM1NE: omg seungmin said the top of coffee machine he bought recently broke!!!! but he still doesn’t know who did it and l…
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RT @bjdavis: A reminder that @RandyRainbow makes all these pretty much by himself. I made coffee this morning... barely.
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Spell jar for lasting romance: -Maple -Ground cinnamon -Dandelion -Garnet + amber (substitute: clear quartz) -…
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RT @doyoungssiiii: Taeyong sent a coffee truck, Doyoung bought energy drinks for dreamies and listened to their album and posted it on…
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Okay the location is fly but why didn't he just make some coffee?!😂
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RT @etdiawtf: Coffee nap คือการนอนงีบสั้น ๆ 15-30 นาทีหลังกินกาแฟ เพื่อให้เวลาร่างกายในการดูดซึมกาแฟและปลุกเราให้ตื่นเมื่อ caffei…
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В светет вчерашних событий кормила кошку с рук в надежде что если она не будет наклоняться, из неё обратно не полез…
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Enjoy the process! @sagemariecoffee whipped Shea butter 😉 #theheiress #whippedsheabutter #sheabutter @ Sage Marie C…
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If you don’t drink your coffee black you an op, why you tryna weaken your drink
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