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ㅁㅈ 그리고 신은 불로불사여야혀 아예 까보면 인간이 아닌것도 좋고,, 토막으로 잘려도 살아나야하고 다치고 깨졌을때 피가 아닌 다른것들이 나와도 좋다 신을 보면서 인간같지만 인간이 아니란걸 확인할때마다 소름돋아하고 경외심을 느끼는 인간의 반응도 좋다
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RT @RepAndyBiggsAZ: Our border-area sheriffs are on the frontlines of the fight to secure the border. Their fight is OUR fight. Sherif…
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RT @LRTdown: Mr. Gaeta, restart the clock. Update Feb 18, 2020 10:11 AM: 0️⃣⁠0️⃣ days since last issue. #ottlrt #OttawaLRT
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RT @icecube: For the record and I’mma leave it alone...I love the @NBA and @thetournament and the Elam Ending. I don’t want a tr…
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RT @sarahnahizu: Abah getting old, Ibu getting old. The clock never stop ticking. I just pray Allah gives me enough time to giv…
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Stop staring at the clock every day. It's time for a new career. Follow us to view jobs with titles like "Adaptive…
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I've been lower than an empty suit at best I wasn't very serious issues I think on the clock and less.
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RT @angie_karan: This is an Animal kill clock. By the time you read this, over a million sentient beings will have been killed for…
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@Waka_bari 若葉くんも同じ感じwww
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@barak_codes This is made using Animated API . have tried to make the same in reanimated, There was a little bug in my clock logic .
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RT @OFFICIALBTOB: YOOK SUNGJAE Special Album [YOOK O'clock] Scheduler 🕕 🎧 Release On 2020.03.02 18:00 (KST) #육성재 #YOOK_SUNGJAE…
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RT @icecube: For the record and I’mma leave it alone...I love the @NBA and @thetournament and the Elam Ending. I don’t want a tr…
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RT @clock_district9: バジリスク絆2の天井期待値を計算しました。 スピードが命なのでとりあえず数字だけ早急に出します。 価格は280円です。 ただし早ければ1週間で無料化します。
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@Le_i__na__ 頑張ってみました……喜んで貰えて……何より……です……ガク
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RT @DannyFetizanan: Uh uh Young Money Flower, Gleam and Glow Shower, you stupid ho Let your power shine You ain't serpentine Make the…
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@clock_tk がんばれ♡がんばれ♡(がんばるものがちょっと違ったな…!?)
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RT @PrettyboiiDB_9: @AriTheDon Gone ahead and clock out of twitter righ now big fella
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@NL_clock 抽選結果をお伝えします。「ウチカフェスイーツ20円引クーポン」を差し上げます!ご利用は3/2まで♪レジでクーポンをご提示ください。使い方は⇒ #ローソン…
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