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Sana all clear skin ;(
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RT @cnni: "It is clear... that the kind of future desired by the majority in Scotland is very different to that chosen by muc…
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RT @Jako6times: Whole of Liverpool has voted against a Tory government so why should we accept one, it’s clear we don’t affiliate w…
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RT @doraehan: i'm so worried and stressed about this kind of things...because it's beyond my control and it's not something that…
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RT @AssaadRazzouk: This is becoming extremely annoying: Investors "urging" governments are passing the buck It's time for investors t…
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@KazutoKurosaki "there is but only Aither's royal family can learn that one and cast it when have the blessing from…
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RT @GauravPandhi: Union Minister @smritiirani has made it clear, you CANNOT openly oppose rapes in India. For the first time in the h…
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RT @dnepo: @BrethertonC @NHSGIRFT @DrJamesGlasbey @WMRC_UK @JPUHResearch This is definitely an area for improvement and I beli…
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@haitoku___ clearおめでと(*´∇`)
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RT @LianaBrooks: Here is something to clear your head. Enjoy.
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RT @ShahanR: Let me make this clear. I ask ALL politicians relevant questions. Journalism is about holding people to account. My…
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RT @bvbypvteri: wanto be pretty , have clear skin, good grades, stable mental health and make my parents proud 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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RT @Mathieu_Era: Keep your mental state clear, people wanna see ya up just to see ya down
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@LaxmiMn Area traffic staff has been informed to clear the traffic.@halairporttrfps
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@_frstrtdwriter_ Clear your mind. Pray
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@YodelOnline You don’t even answer you web chat either so what’s the point it’s clear judging by the many comments…
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RT @KathyCann1: Love this takes squiggles@and produces clear icons. Pic of my attempt to draw mug and apps…
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RT @sadeadekugbe: Let me be very clear. Boris Johnson is racist, islamophobic and homophobic. If you support him, you do not support…
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RT @Ihatetalking_: Does your skin ever do that thing where it's clear and perfect for a couple of days.Then,all of a sudden it's like "haha just kidding"😭💔
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RT @iimcomic: Greta Thunberg had to travel around the world & engage in intense climate change discussions to get featured on TIM…
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