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@zlj517 this seems like a solomn moment. have i mentioned satellite image of the forbidden city, only prove to me,…
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RT @rapplerdotcom: The outspoken daughter of Senator Francis Pangilinan and 'Megastar' Sharon Cuneta offers to sponsor P15,000 in bail…
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RT @gusto_official: 宅配もお持ち帰りもガストにおまかせ✨ 忙しい日やご飯の準備が面倒な日は 手軽なごはんにしませんか?😋 500円分のお食事券が総勢100名様に抽選で当たる🎉 ■応募方法 ①@gusto_official をフォロー ②この投稿…
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RT @azcentral: Nurse dealing with coronavirus patients shares video of portable morgues in New York City
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NEW YORK CITY in APRIL 2020 - A WALK-THROUGH... via @YouTube
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RT @lisha230792: I think a city should be renamed as LISHA, because admit it, Lisha is a damn beautiful name !! ❤️❤️
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RT @fpcities_app: Traps to avoid while you're carrying out the climate plan of your city. And: how to avoid them. 5 tips & tricks fro…
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RT @CNN: A group of firefighters from the New York City Fire Department showed up at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens this past w…
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RT @fayyaznitrate6: She : Aj mein apko wo jagah dekhati ho jaha mera appendix ka operation hoa tha He : Dekhao ?? She : Wo dekho Natio…
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@FamedChris @Taymastar Hello FamedChris, I put 4200 R$ in your game "Mad City". But I was banned! So please give me…
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RT @AslamShaikh_MLA: The state has taken over two halls of Nesco grounds at Goregaon (E). 10,000 to be housed, fed at Nesco halls in Gor…
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Satara girls after travelling Satara City Without Scarf be like
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RT @JoDickoLFC: One of my very fave city Centre shops
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@katebattrick I’ve only got the housework to look forward to
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RT @annafifield: Official Chinese statistics put Wuhan’s coronavirus death toll at 2,563. Evidence coming out of the city suggests i…
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RT @willripleyCNN: #breaking Tokyo Governor says city is on the verge of a major outbreak & situation is worsening. Number of daily co…
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RT @vishvendrabtp: Pregnant Muslim Woman was refused medical attention at the Zenana Hospital in #Bharatpur & was told to go to Jaipur…
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RT @Shawn_Herondale: Sorry not Sorry pero en adaptación la película City of Bones es superior
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マスク二枚って何かの隠語でしょ? 板チョコとか、レンガとかああ言うやつ。
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RT @macrodesiac_: There’s a new scam going around and glad someone brought it to my attention last night.
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