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RT @MNageswarRaoIPS: Is this sudden Assam-Mizoram border conflict & subsequent filing of FIR against @himantabiswa et al by Mizoram Poli…
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Join us in praying for Pope Francis and wishing him a happy feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola during the Ignatian Yea…
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@FreiKrystian Maybe that's why I am the way I am. Never did I have a sense of community growing up. No church, ever…
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RT @progressivepush: Capitol Terrorist Turned In By His Own Church Prayer Group | Crooks and Liars
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RT @Baeson10: @MightyM55070329 Today's politicians can't hold a candle to FDR. Carter came close but was limited by a system corr…
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RT @CatholicSat: Today is the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, prominent figure in the Counter-Reformation, soldier turned Priest, w…
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RT @Maryam_Rajavi: A #FreeIran means freedom, democracy, equality, and the establishment of a republic based on the separation of chur…
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Met a legend today. #whclife #lovegodlovepeople #mensbreakfast #darylstrawberry #jesusandbaseball⚾️…
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RT @friendschurches: Last night we had a call, our church at Caldecote, Hertfordshire had been vandalised. Windows smashed, powder fire…
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Southern Accent - little mtn church house
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@aquariusxmama We had a budget wedding outside of my small church and had a friend as our photographer
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They really were my favorite treat when I was a child... I only went to church for them, instead of for hearing the words of God.
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Weirdest thing about catholic churches to me is that you're just casually walking over someone's grave as you move…
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Actually been baptized twice in two traditions, once at a Seventh Day Adventist summer camp in a lake, and once wit…
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@MzwaneleManyi I have to agree with you on this one.. Some of these COVID-19 regulations are arbitrary and its hard…
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RT @missionkaali: Tamil Nadu police remove saffron flag, demolishes boundary wall of a Hindu resident who says Church filed false com…
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RT @FromMikes: St. Sigfrids Church in Sipoo. Built in the 1450’s.
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Like I remember this huge beef old church ladies had with catholics for no reason
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It's not elitist, it's archaic. Even the Catholic Church dropped Latin 50 years ago.
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