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RT @AlhasanMahar: Because they’re not protected above the ground, they chose to shelter in underground caves to protect their childre…
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RT @LifeNewsHQ: WOW! Before she was born, doctors discovered Marin didn't have a right hand. They encouraged her Mom to have an a…
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Miskina sa femme le matin elle va ce réveiller à côté de cette chose horrible et immonde
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RT @Tokito_91: Vu l’epilation des sourcils la tu vas plus a la gay pride qu autre chose
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Sure wish the fans could have chose them @AdamBBCAN7 @JohnnyBBCAN @DaneBBCan7 @KevinRobMartin This would be my 4
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RT @Les_Zairiennes: Un moment donné faut juste arrêter de victimiser. Il t’aime pas ? Il t’a prise pour une conne ? Ok pg on passe a au…
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RT @crjmxrell: She's a keeper, yet you chose to hurt her.
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@themattrd CRAZY! I can’t believe @nikefootball and @adidas chose to rep MLS and NWSL leagues and then Nike didn’t…
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RT @S_EFortin: @Louisaudetg Ça, c'est ce qui est «montrable». Quiconque a été pris à partie par la meute numérique de XC sait à qu…
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RT @GeorgePapa19: I love my country. I will fight for it forever. God puts us where he wants us, and am honored he chose me to expose…
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RT @Tokito_91: Vu l’epilation des sourcils la tu vas plus a la gay pride qu autre chose
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C’est sure qu’en fosse ça sera qlq chose
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@athikers_bob Similar situation here. Sorta wanted to stay home yesterday and then VERY glad I chose to go along wi…
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RT @ShaunBaileyUK: This morning, the Mayor chose to prioritise spending £44m on giving free travel to the friends and family of TfL st…
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RT @arabian14695431: Veux-tu quelque chose qui ramènera ton épouse sur ce qu'elle était (la plus belle femme au monde) ?❞ L'homme dit :…
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RT @Sam_DeLoach: marin’s arm didn’t finish developing in utero so “doctors” offered to abort her. it should be illegal for medical…
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I chose you when they told me not to
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I chose to believe toxic people were normal people that just needed some of my help
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@FutureUsmnt The point is, if he has a realistic chance of playing regularly for Argentina or England or any half d…
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RT @Electra661: Hey #Minnesota please take part in your precinct politics. We need more people to get involved in the real world pa…
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