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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)
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@KirklundTheKid I hella do remember this I remember you made me watch it with you
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"There was a little (Black) girl inviting a (Black) man, to hop around into one big puddle of mud. There is some…
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RT @yunoooooooo: I don't stan homophobic transphobic sexist childish moroccan youtubers, nothing justifies their behavior. and if yo…
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The Florida Orange Face or Grandpa Joe? The choice is patently clear. It's time that we fire Trump before he sets o…
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even exo hindi tayo nirerequire to purchase, so bakit tagged as di true fan ang walang album. stop being childish k…
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@winterinvmin Hmm jimin mulai childish berarti udah mulai konflik nih
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RT @ggyunation: but then when they do cute and bright concepts y’all either ignore them or call them childish. or this type of beha…
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RT @NatalieSiebe: when childish gambino said “don’t be mad cuz i’m doing me better than you’re doing you” i felt that
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@DonnyTheMessiah @pantomath__ @realDonaldTrump That is childish and pathetic. How very apt. I'M IN!
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I'M CRYING. THESE ARE ACTUALLY LYRICS FROM CHILDISH GAMBINO "I come over, I'm inside you I can't find you, the gir…
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@CatrionaMDW @RepsForBiden @JonahDispatch @RVAT2020 Oh you haven't been keeping up. Happy to say your wrong, there…
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Ugh never think that a guys age defines their maturity level, they’re all childish pricks led by their dicks😂
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You answering my statements with responses of chemistry if you don't take your childish fuck ass to fucking bed....
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In order for you HUMANITY to have a perfect union we must put away childish behavior. Be the heros that God called…
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@kithegi @TheStarKenya You are sick in the head with childish mentality. Grown up my brother and shun the BULLSHIT!
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RT @kid67_: Sometimes aku lebih prefer bersikap childish dan acah acah happy. Sebab jadi dewasa membosankan and so straight.
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Ok. So I thought I was trippin. THIS is why I get pissed off when white ppl are whining to me about “reverse racism…
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RT @NiisDaSniik: I saw Avatar 2 trending and for a minute I thought they were talking about my nigga Aang...imagine my disappointment
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