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I'ma hold out on relationships until we see what's up at Area 51. Idk, mayb me and human chicks just aren't compatible
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RT @Dre_Ova: I'm not scared of Marriage, I'm scared of my wedding day, I fear all my side chicks and all my exes will want to co…
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@PunchoWorld Lmfao, I loced im these ghetto ass apartments then, and i remember all the chicks bumping grinding,, j…
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Omg did you see the “white chicks” movie where 2 black guys dressed up as white women, must also be racist. Don’t f…
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RT @ItsAllBollocks: Mid sex tell her you think her best mate is hotter than she is, chicks dig that
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@val0108_Yeah Come to Germany. Those chicks go nuts over you guys 😂👍
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If Justin Trudeau is a bad person then whoever wrote White Chicks should be appearing in front of the The Hague for war crimes.
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RT @LuluTheCalm: @InsiderDoug @BrentToderian Also,.. until he apologised, I thought he was the blue genie in Aladdin. The cartoon c…
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RT @Richdollarz__: All you chicks want a white man until you hear “You like this fucking cock you brown cunt” 😂😂😂
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@AnandWrites Tree chicken? Pine chicks? Green trees and chics? What does this mean maaan?🤔
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RT @GrouciDjamila: Shredding live chicks forbidden In Swiss Le déchiquetage de poussins vivants est interdit En Suisse
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Chicks that take pics on both their tippy toes like they have heels on but are bare foot, are strange to me
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@RemiRamizu How dare you disrespect white chicks like that
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RT @itchio: Peck N Run: Feed the chicks! by @spiltmilkstudio #indiegames #free
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@XeroSlayer @GaryCgy1 What are your thoughts on: Coming to America (1988) White Chicks (2004) White Chicks 2 (Anno…
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RT @Richdollarz__: All you chicks want a white man until you hear “You like this fucking cock you brown cunt” 😂😂😂
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RT @barstoolsports: She has to be from the upside down @chicks (Via IG/coltondeman )
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RT @ToBeyOrNoToBey: Yet black people love Adele, Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks, Celine Dion and many other successful white women
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@HostileAmber Jinx players are the psycho chicks but u still gon date them anyways
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