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@PandaExpress I’m a sad college kid and could go for a plate of kung Pao chicken and orange chicken with fried rice…
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RT @Buttergirlll: While you’re thinking of what to remove... let me introduce you to the latest, yummiest and steaming hot Crispy chi…
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Can’t wait for some butter chicken and naan. 🤤🤤
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RT @Kilgore_Trout2: Building soil nutrition while growing lots of food. BioTractor system: symbiotic on several levels. Basic greenhou…
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Get back in from ripping around on the lawnmower grab a chicken tender out of the trash and heat up on a fucking space heater
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Every time I order chicken in garlic sauce from a new Chinese place I am always expecting it to be more garlic-flav…
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I don't really use miracle whip or mayonnaise tbh. The only time I use miracle whip is for potato salad but I love…
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RT @original_af: Fact: dinosaur shaped chicken nuggs taste better
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When the orange chicken craving calls, you got to answer.
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@putriiain_ Kena chicken! Geram😤
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@PopeyesCA just had your New Chicken sandwich. It was good expect for the charred bun.
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On Monday at 6.30pm, Wellington Cathedral is hosting a special service for All Souls day. We'll sing the Durufle re…
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RT @PitCommunity: Things You Do For Chicken! 😬🍗 credit: woodsieambully | ig
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RT @chef_amakaa: Kilo of chicken 1500. Turkey 2200 Sachet tomato 150 Spaghetti 250 Spaghettini 300 Derica of rice 600 Beans 300 Yam…
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Ended up making Buffalo chicken wraps for lunch with Arby’s fries
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So what sounds better for lunch? Me or Mama’s Bird famous fried chicken? Both come with a tasty biscuit, but only o…
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RT @55mmbae: It’s here! My first air fryer cookbook! ‘Air Fryer & Me’ has 26 air fryer recipes ranging from chicken to beef to…
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Cw// food Chicken burger and chips got me almost blowing up
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I wonder how many goals will Arsenal score against the chicken farmers tonight.
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