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RT @SeditionHunters: Almost 7 months later and we are still finding new #SeditionSprayers Acts of violence on Jan 6th are still being di…
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RT @colombin_tweet: 夏だ!大掃除とレモンでスッキリ #キャンペーン🍋 有希化学さんとの2度目のプレゼント企画です。 抽選で3名様に『自動車も家も丸ごと大掃除できちゃう洗浄剤セット』『原宿レモンの焼きショコラ』が当たります。@Yuki_Chemical
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自分がバンドリにハマる前のライブ! しかと見させていただきます #バンステラウクレ特集
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RT @conspiracyb0t: Iodine can flush out chemical toxins like fluoride, lead, mercury, and biological toxins.
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Monaco resident Sir James Ratcliffe is the founder, chairman and majority owner of chemical company Ineos Group. Hi…
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Happy to share our latest publication! A review in @TrendsBiochem by first author @kelsiemrod describing chemical g…
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QUIZ: How well do you know 'Danger Days' by My Chemical Romance? Show us those scores!
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RT @TheGrayzoneNews: How a close-knit network of UK intel operatives helped sell all major alleged Syrian chemical weapons attacks…
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Literally having people drink massive amounts of a chemical (flouride) on the excuse that some tiny portion of it w…
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RT @s_m_marandi: The Netherlands supported Saddam & helped with his chemical weapons capabilities. They support MeK terrorists that…
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RT @hasudi: “A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like…
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Don’t worry if you missed today’s Chemical Watch service demonstration. You can sign up for the next one on 19 Augu…
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@TurntableKittah @WallyAction Indeed! I still remember that chemical aftertaste of those sugar cubes.
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Uno dei cappellini più amati del marchio Gothicana by EMP!🖤 Vi piace? 😍 Lo trovate cliccando il link ➡…
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RT @totalsynthesis: Evolution towards green radical generation in #totalsynthesis by @MSGlutaMatt, @becroldan, and @crjsteph
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Did you know? The #chemical and #pharmaceutical sector contributes to the UK economy in its position at the head…
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Layer of protection analysis (LOPA) is an important risk management technique in the chemical process industry. Dis…
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minha irmã está no banho ouvindo my chemical romance será se devo bater na porta e perguntar se tá tudo bem?
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RT @TheGrayzoneNews: How a close-knit network of UK intel operatives helped sell all major alleged Syrian chemical weapons attacks…
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ゆーりさ! トークパーティのあと仲直りできたのかな? #バンドリTVLIVE
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