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FU Charles Fatly and Shaqacheater!
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Man Claiming to Be Charles Manson's Grandson Needs to Take a DNA Test #forensics…
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RT @lancevantine: Looking for Biblical sermons on YouTube? Here are some names: 1. David Wilkerson 2. Paul Washer 3. Charles Lawson…
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Cornwallis, Charles. 1738-1805. British General. Ended American Revolution by surrender at Yorktown.
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RT @VintageAnchor: .@oprahmagazine made a handy guide of books to read over the holidays before they become movies in 2020, including…
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RT @EstebanOrtizMD: Para los que hacemos ciencia es común recibir invitaciones a congresos “predatorios” Esta semana les seguí el jueg…
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@Charles_Louna Con Nihal ya sobrepase mis limites es demaciado ingenua se ha dejado manipular por toda su familia y el Emir y con Zeynep 🤐🤐
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@kevindavis338 Charles is a cakewalk compared to his younger brother. In much the same way as William is a cakewalk…
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RT @BarberBroadway: Alcoa vs. Earth Maryville vs. Milky Way Galaxy Blah blah blah... At least that would put Alcoee in the right classi…
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RT @WRHMURAMOTO: 誰がどうみてもいまの政府はぶっ壊れてる。おれのネタが政治色が強いんではない、お前らが薄過ぎるんだ。ここの政治家と国民はペーターとヤギだ、何も考えず餌食えりゃいい。おれの漫才に一部のカスどもが教えるな、黙っててくれと発狂する。知るだけでいい。お前の無関心によだれ垂らしてる奴がいる。
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actually really like how Shaq and Charles Barkley just responded to Embiid, gave some respect
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내꿈은 아씨엔
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RT @ESPNCFB: Charles Woodson vs. Peyton Manning. Some Heisman debates never end.
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@ChadinRipCity let Damian Lillard enjoy Portland for the test of his NBA career. He will be the likes of Charles B…
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RT @JenniferMerode: EU leaders react to exit poll. Charles Michel: "You know that we are ready. We are ready for the next steps. We wi…
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RT @MSAlonsoAutora: "DON'T TRY." Henry Charles Bukowski Jr. Hank Alemania, 1920 - USA, 1994
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@ThePhifthQ In this case, Sir Charles Barkley is right
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RT @TheUSASingers: Donald Trump is the Charles Manson of Adolph Hitlers.
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RT @ahencyclopedia: #Charlemagne (Charles the Great, also known as Charles I, l. 742-814 CE) was King of the Franks (r. 768-814 CE), Ki…
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