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@Mo0usSa you will meet some people change your life
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leave zayn alone. his career alone is bigger than you can ever imagine and calling his promo a "weak attempt" won't change anything luv <3
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RT @t_sohaila: Smile at strangers and you just might change a life. Steve Maraboli #WeMissYouEijaz
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RT @ScotlandTBP: Scotland has not lived with a top carnivore for centuries, but is that set to change? We’re delighted to be part o…
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RT @BernieSanders: Joe Biden will inherit from Trump: The worst economy since the Great Depression, the worst public health crisis in…
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@8BitOpa Change is good! Glad to hear you're getting away from something that's not fulfilling for you
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@58JCC @BBCNWT Change the record ye bellend
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RT @SoftBabyBree: Tw // homophobia . Please share this, sign this. My LGBT friends are at risk. We could get punished in PUBLIC where…
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"With consistency, change is inevitable." - Peleton Instructor
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This morning feels like I’m running to an important meeting that will change my future, and I’m full of hope, but I…
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He's out! Now, hurry! Change the locks!
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RT @DA3WCHITA: voglio dire ai fan di Suga, che tanto si scagliano contro di noi esaltando la loro band, che se hanno avuto tutto q…
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Maybe had to change his diaper before heading out.
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RT @Yamiche: -Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement -Government agency review focused on equity -Extend federal eviction moratorium -R…
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RT @JoshuaPotash: The next fascist will be smarter and better looking and more polite. Our job is not to wait for them to run for off…
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3months since the lives of young vibrant Nigerian youths were brought to an abrupt halt all because they wanted cha…
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RT @dSUGA_1993: "Blue & Grey", the type of song that would work very well without a rap. Yet SUGA's rap is easily one of the best p…
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RT @JoshuaPotash: The next fascist will be smarter and better looking and more polite. Our job is not to wait for them to run for off…
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@BitternNews What does that matter really when its a generation in the difference, people change their religions i…
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