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I need to change my number.... lol
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Davies needs to change his boots fam why's he always slipping
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Listening to big homie everytime I listen to this song I wonder if I should change when I'm jealous like that...
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RT @seaspiracy: Sign our petition to help protect 30% of the oceans by 2030:
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RT @Booker4KY: They say change isn’t possible in a place like Kentucky. Well, we already proved them wrong. We showed them what’s…
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RT @PattyArquette: God almighty please allow us to change. There is little comfort to parents burying their children.
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@KDTrey5 @ShannonSharpe U didn’t need to say much kd your actions was loud enough ... you Tot going to warrior and…
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RT @HB_HeadCoach: Mbappe can kill you so many ways 1 v 1. Inside and outside on both wings. If he gets the run on you, you’re done. H…
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Thomas Sankara was 37 when he was assassinated. He was 33 when he became the President of Burkina Faso. He made so…
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@Mile24636079 i think ur layout seems so beautiful but if u want to change do it bestie 🤍🤍
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RT @GretaThunberg: The moment I met Sir David Attenborough in person for the first time to discuss the climate crisis. Greta Thunber…
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RT @Independent: Viral video of Boris Johnson ‘lying to parliament’ approaches 10 million views
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@ValChumz @sayolo 20 is not change that one diff level - Yh rich ppl lifestyle
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RT @binance: A lot can change in just four months.
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Su madre se ha suicidado. Como más de 3600 personas al año. Y 10 hoy. AYUDA A CAMBIAR EL SISTEMA SANITARIO…
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RT @Western_Values: #ClimateChange has put tribal nations at extreme risk of catastrophic weather events. It has destroyed lands they h…
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RT @GoodLawProject: Viral video of Boris Johnson ‘lying to parliament’ approaches 10 million views | The Independent
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RT @PeterStefanovi2: Now on 10.1 million views. Only the @Independent @HarryCockburn have had the guts to report it. What’s stopping y…
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RT @CarolineLucas: Lying to parliament matters - and its normalisation under @BorisJohnson is deeply dangerous. That’s why we’re coor…
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RT @donwinslow: George Floyd was murdered by a corrupt racist police officer. Nothing will ever change that.
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