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@Brian88Downey @Jojoteesend The fact that we were taken out of the EU when we didn't vote to, that we are governed…
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@wordscience please start a show called LOVE COURT & make this your first case i will testify on live tv
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RT @eliehonig: And now the feds at SDNY need to walk the Bannon case file across the street to the Manhattan DA. Theft is theft, i…
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If you missed it in @Forbes, check it out here: Lawyers are in the persuasion business. S…
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«Ci vediamo al parco» ce lo scriviamo spesso. Perché con i locali chiusi e le case troppo pericolose, le passeggiat…
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RT @nathanlawkc: Mr. David Perry, QC quitted from the case of prosecuting Jimmy Lai, the pro-democracy media mogul. DOJ of HK says "…
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@lukecompton2010 @Dave_McGuinn @TheGeordieTips Mate if thats the case go with your instinct and cash out. Well done 👍
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RT @LiamWBZ: One year ago today was the first confirmed case of the #coronavirus in the U.S. 400,000 people in the country have died from it since.
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RT @SimonKaggwaNjal: What happened to @kizzabesigye1 case of treason after declaring himself President in 2016? Can it be a precedent in today's scenario?
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RT @ianmSC: Illinois and Wisconsin have had essentially the exact same population adjusted case numbers for nearly two months n…
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RT @NuneNoonieyy: RT เลยค่า แจก passport case + name tag อันนี้ค่า ฉลองพี่มาร์คล้านซับ 😏 ไว้ว่างๆดี๋ยวมาสุ่มค่ะ ตอนสุ่มถ้าได้ใครจะขอห…
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I think he should take his own parachute, just in case.
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RT @nilotpalm3: If get chance charge neighbour mobile- laptop- iPad also , in case 🙃😊 - samajh gaye na
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RT @vivekanandg: #TandavControversy @Uppolice reaches Mumbai to investigate case
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RT @TinyTANofficial: [TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON In case you missed these lovely scenes (1/3) #TinyTAN
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RT @SoporePolice: Sopore Police have arrested and registered a case against SPO namely Peer Khalid 235/SPO for his ‘sarcastic’ post o…
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RT @TinyTANofficial: [TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON In case you missed these lovely scenes (3/3) #TinyTAN
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@TaggsTrader ha ha. Surely the song that should've been played if that was the case was Beautiful South's Song For Whoever ?
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RT @TinyTANofficial: [TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON In case you missed these lovely scenes (1/3) #TinyTAN
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In Grant's case actually, the S doesn't even exist! His legal name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. A clerical error made i…
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