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I feel like I've seen this video hundreds of times before, all with captions like "see, just be glad you live in Am…
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Not many situations spark long ass Insta captions/posts. This is one. Please, if you read it, don’t spew hate or in…
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RT @popcreave: I know Justin is shading all the people who used the “I spent 24h trying find the right words” captions, as he should
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@pcurtiss_ Didn’t their ID get outted & ppl were mad that most of their ID’s weren’t black yet they’re always speak…
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This girl has got to be a joke. She goes on Twitter to talk about BLM so she knows wtf is going on and captions her…
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[ Ya no escribo captions chidas ]
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Why are weird cringey people with captions like “ur body is perfect for me” tryna follow me.....wot tha f**k Piss of plus ur weird
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@elcinlam This thread made me the happiest it’s so beautiful. I love the dits so much I love the captions so much I…
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RT @Muttaqa18: If she always post ur pictures on her whatsapp story with captions like “loml,love,sweetheart” and other love emoji…
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And not just in HS, the same shit continued on when they were grown as hell in college. I've been saying the same s…
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nothing’s more amusing/embarrassing than going through one’s old facebook posts with captions like “my life feels l…
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RT @broyeanice: the captions referred to him as “smart hulk”
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RT @tcklemyfancy: @arlvvene @sylvie_aa The OG comic too in case you needed captions or sum
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I'm running out of captions help #calminkirkland
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@slime_golem I thought this was the actual caption, I don’t see many of these New Yorker captions but I reckon it’s good enough!
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@tiktok_us please give us the ability to change the captions on our tik tok s just Incase we forget to add somthing
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Finally got my pictures back from the @wallowsmusic concert and they have these little captions, I love it haha
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RT @WisesnailArt: Ciao, I'm Clo, this is a portrait, I like smiles, I hate hair and i can't think of interesting captions anymore.…
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RT @ProtestAccess: Here to provide captions and transcripts for social justice content—we are currently focused on the…
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