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@amarieadhis @OliverMathenge You can't hide for long!! It's good he's coming out of his shell.
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I can't stop dreamin about you
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RT @PTI_News: ICMR study suggests 1 COVID-19 patient can infect 406 people in 30 days if he/she doesn't follow lockdown, social d…
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RT @GeminiTerms: I can’t sleep because there’s just far too many things on my mind. #Gemini
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@BorisJohnson You can't give up right now. an Italian friend.
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RT @proudtobemouni1: Can't wait for the time #arjunmounilive
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RT @_Snape_: Muggles can't retweet this.
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RT @Asim_Love_you: Just wanted to request that don't leave our Fandom or twitter coz of anyone's stupidity !! Atleast stay for all the…
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RT @JoelOsteen: You can’t watch the news all day and stay afloat. If you constantly take in the negative, you’re going to sink. Tun…
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RT @lilli_hopkins: Guys, apparently today starts the projected two week peak period of COVID-19. If not taken seriously, this can last…
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RT @bainjal: India releases hydroxychloroquine stocks amid pressure from Trump oh dear chalo Ajit Doval…
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RT @Imamofpeace: If China can send reporters to the White House to interrogate the President of the USA, why can’t the USA send scie…
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RT @leauxmichelle: jeannie mai went from saying that black men were only for a little play on the side to being engaged to one. you ca…
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@CalumMThwaites @RitaPanahi You know that's not how it works, right? You gotta be trolling. No one is that dumb. Th…
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RT @RealDreylo: Seems like everybody should just start going out, how can people be doing exercise on the main road in lagos and up…
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@fatlester @Aug_1405 @PaulJAdama @MannyPozo @RunninRebel702 I follow so many I get twit policy limiting me. I can't…
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RT @Malan_Baffa: No. We should understand our differences and respect one another but don't expect me to be okay with people mocking…
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RT @fawfulfan: Let me see if I have this straight. The five GOP Supreme Court justices think #COVID19 is too dangerous for them t…
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RT @ohera: @EdythK Were these measures announced outside the minister's official statement at the press conference? I can't see them in his statement
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@RusselMag3 @uLerato_pillay What can I say our government doesn't put citizens first.
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