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RT @nickreeves9876: Starmer is decent, intelligent and humane. He would probably make a good PM, but he is no opposition leader. An opp…
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RT @LwateJ: Ayt, most of you came with all the bangers. But surely can't leave this out
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RT @ctrlzahra: if you don’t know what’s currently happening in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah please watch this!!!!…
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RT @Miss_Iyanuoluwa: @NaijaFlyingDr @teajhaneyUTD My ex can do this. He broke up with me a week after my mum got me a small car for my 2…
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i can't believe i lost half a kg in a day, i guess it's because my period has ended #EDtwt
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RT @crumlingothic_: Can't believe this lad is 52 today, doesn't look it
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anything he wants at this point, honestly. Both of his hands lift to hold either side of Dazai's face, a thumb tra…
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RT @jupy314: Please don’t use Twitter Tip Jar at this time. PayPal is handling the transactions, and treats them as “purchases.”…
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...Damn! No reaction? It can't be helped.
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RT @crumlingothic_: Can't believe this lad is 52 today, doesn't look it
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RT @kkufiIe: educate yourself on what’s happening rn, don’t stay silent. speak up, the least thing we can do is raise awareness.…
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RT @c__hummy: She left home since Sunday, we haven’t heard anything from her yet. She’s just 17years old. Please help me re tweet…
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RT @flwrte: for those that don’t understand arabic they’re throwing bombs into al aqsa mosque while palestinian muslims are pra…
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@KiIITrey i can’t even say anything bout this one i got this same pic saved
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Can’t forget the CIA
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@LenaAthane Because she made some rude ass comments about me being a lesbian and she was like well I can’t be by yo…
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RT @RK000120: @umashankarsingh Truth can’t hide for long time,false propaganda gets exposed eventually. What BJP did to farmers o…
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i still can’t believe a lot of ppl don’t think cheesecake factory isn’t a fancy restaurant
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RT @Hamaddabh: Please let whats happening in sheikh jarrah be an opportunity for you to learn about zionism, how it affects Palest…
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@DirkTurk @OrientOutlook I haven't watched an away game since Christmas - but because I can't stand the unnecessary…
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