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So much hype around iPhone 12 cameras but the ghosting is apparently just this minor problem when it’s all over the darn place...
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List your favorite memes Mine are: 1. Cut the cameras..deadass 2. Black like my soul 3.The flying lawn mower 4. Ri…
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RT @DrOlufunmilayo: Lights was switched off. Fact. Cameras was taken away. Fact. Soldiers shot at people. Fact. People were killed and…
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RT @JoeBidenburns: Ong if there wasn’t any cameras on I would deck this orange fuck
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RT @TorontoStar: Toronto police to deploy body cameras at three police divisions this week
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Remember to do the #9PMRoutine 🔒Remove firearms and valuables from cars. Lock up your vehicles and home. Turn on ou…
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#OnePlus launched New phone in Nord Lineup Called as N100 with #5G Capabilities. Click link below to read full arti…
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RT @FutbolFax: Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid: What the cameras and ratings apps don’t show you
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Un jour je devais me battre a 15h30 le challenger a sécher les cours a 14h30. Lendemain les caméras l’ont filmé en…
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RT @JohnBarrowman: Someone stole our 2 @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris signs and ripped of our Rainbow flag pinwheel. Interestingly they didn’…
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Good to see you, Runner Five! Today, you and Runner 8 are off to Skoobs, to fix cameras and then get back here for a shower.
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RT @JPeters2100: Everyone’s masked up, hand sanitizer being offered along the protest route. Protestors not friendly with press tod…
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@AdamEhrlichMD @narrowQRS It’s too bad everyone doesn’t carry handheld computers with built in cameras that can transmit images.
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RT @degboladetona: A friend put me into cognisance and said : The first time he saw the fake news of CCTV camera being removed at the…
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@battracy01 @BeccaRocks7399 @deesnider Counterfactual: He pushes the kid away? No human being would do that, especi…
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They shot 22 rounds in a strip mall parking lot with hella cameras, then sped down a main road past the other, even…
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@mariaavicenteys tua mãe foi maravilhosa comigo. não conseguiu abrir as câmeras dela e aí foi comigo no hotel pra eu conseguir revisar 💛
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@dumbbeezie @ZipperMouth_ He probably did this pose on purpose to be extra, full well knowing cameras were rolling. It's not random. 😄😄
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Ontem tava eu e uma amg q tbm é xiaomeira comparando as funções das câmeras tirando foto do casal do rolê kkk oh as noia
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RT @obidoess: participation mandatory and cameras MUST be on but office hours are ignored and responding to emails is optional. make it make sense
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