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RT @SafetyPinDaily: Watchdog Calls For Probe Amid Fears Of 'Voter Suppression Tactics' Through Postal Service || Via Huffpost
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Gary Sanchez calls a horrendous game
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when Chila calls me 🥺❤️
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@krissyMarie1277 Nope And it's family and I'm truly sad about it I'm not the one my sister has blocked me and won't…
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@Ultra_Calls Big PR is coming, insiders issued shares at $1.86
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RT @dcexaminer: Sixteen states will have started voting by the time of the first debate on Sept. 29. @realDonaldTrump's new campai…
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RT @RandaltsRandal: Yesterday, when Ben Fordham posted audio of Tim Smith's unchallenged rantings, like a pageant mummy with a precocio…
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Funny because he consistently calls bullshit on her entire political worldview...
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Dad calls me downstairs to help him. Only to find out that theirs a bird in our fireplace 😅🤦🏽‍♀️
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La loi du plus fort....The law of the jungle.
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RT @thehill: JUST IN: House committee calls for hearing with postmaster general as delivery delays stir mail-in voting concerns…
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RT @kristinwh0: This is lovely but at the same time it would be nice if the BBC had this same energy with the calls to remove trans…
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RT @dlippman: SCOOOP: Merritt Corrigan, the deputy White House liaison at @USAID, is leaving the agency after a short and tumultu…
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RT @skyward_sole: So... Two things! 1: I have a Rocket Arena video I am working on and I plan to upload this week! 2: A family memb…
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RT @dbongino: What are they afraid of? NY Times Writer Calls for Ending Presidential Debates
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#JudgeSalas: “Currently, federal judges’ addresses and other information is readily available on the #internet—This…
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RT @shaynajacobs: Prosecutor calls Trump’s new bid to shield tax returns an end-run around Supreme Court ruling
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RT @HeyTammyBruce: Looks like someone's panicked... "NYT Op-Ed Calls For End of Presidential Debates" via @NYJooo
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@g_anothen The God who calls things that are not as though they are 🤭
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RT @therealzanetta: Virginia mayor faces calls to resign after claiming Joe Biden had picked Aunt Jemima for VP -
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