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RT @flwrvantae: normalize calling people based on their dn
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RT @RonalinR: Please report the tiktok video and account exposing Justin's house. Calling the attention of CaMaNaVa A'TIN don't y…
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RT @amandaoee_: she shows her babysitting children and vegan dumplings and the comments are calling her a fucking bitch and saying that they HATE her 😭
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RT @LucidJay: That time @lowtheband played the chill-out tent at a 1996 hardcore techno rave in rural Wisconsin, where a then-unk…
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RT @ProfVemsani: Caste is not essential to Hinduism. Large sections of Hindus-sampradayas&regions (Kashmir& Metei(Assam) do not have…
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RT @redpill_4: WOW! I am almost speechless thatBiden could call our solders a nasty words. Knowing this know how can anyone vote f…
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RT @igbopresenting: liberals think the revolution is calling tr*mp an oompa loompa
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RT @Sheddi_younG: Kobe's daughter holding his picture and calling him dada 💔💔💔 ..this is the most heartbreaking video I've seen on t…
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RT @golrizghahraman: So far #COVID19nz means women are far more likely to lose work and less likely to benefit from funding for workforc…
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RT @flwrvantae: normalize calling people based on their dn
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That speech calling those people stupid bastards is funny and not a good sign going forward to me
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RT @yeonyeondle: its quite interesting, that fandom has been making fake translations, actual racial incentive ‘jokes’ & edits over…
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bts have been calling out xenophobia and talking abt how they feel excluded in the western mi a lot lately. its ups…
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RT @ImportedAlhaji: I’m such a “thank you for coming” “thank you for calling” “it was great seeing you” and “thank you for today” type…
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Drank calling my name
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RT @CharlesMBlow: Understand this: If Trump thought he was going to win he wouldn’t be preemptively calling the election a sham. You have him terrified.
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RT @LaurenZoomZoom: Normalize calling your friends out. Just because they aren’t toxic to you doesn’t mean they aren’t being toxic to s…
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@CAPT__Vincent Why are you even calling it Few Notes? 200 naira notes? 200 naira???! Eyi is taking over, park your…
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@nengiofficial_ No one is perfect guys Ozo was rooting for Nengi on all his interviews that's pushed his fans to vo…
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@kiwisugaar ITS TRUE! someone calling me homophobic as i day dream of titties SURE OKAY
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