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@AidenHatfield Clear all your plans for the day & settle down with a peppermint tea ☕️ you have two really cool epi…
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RT @CMurphyFans: Cillian Murphy and Anthony Byrne behind the scenes of #PeakyBlinders S5 “Maybe I have found the man I can’t defea…
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Last night's dream featured myself trying to comfort a distraught Jennifer Byrne who was sobbing in the corner of a…
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In NY City: David Byrne at Hudson Theatre (October 17, 2019)
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@NiamhMcElduff Sort out a duo with tommy Byrne 👏👏👏
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I love David Byrne daily reminder
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if the nostalgia critic goes anywhere near David Byrne's "True Stories" I'm gonna break into his house. See how HE likes it
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🔔 “Tus pensamientos son semillas, y lo que cosechas dependerá de las semillas que plantas.” – Rhonda Byrne
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@cris45785953 @City_Chief Lionel Messi 1 Kevin de Byrne 2 The Lion Ibra37 first ever 300 + after 30yrs 4 Sterling/…
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A nice, calm scene at the Jane Byrne Interchange downtown. The #Kennedy, #Eisenhower, and #DanRyan all good into…
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Gabriel Byrne and Hailee Steinfeld play an older man and the daughter of his best friend, who he falls in love with in Montreal
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@Bedfordcornexch Ed Byrne: If I'm Honest, on 10th October 2019 at 8:00pm Join Ed as he takes a long hard look at hi…
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RT @caulmick: Limerick City and County Council staff spend €25 on one pot of tea - and same for biscuits It has emerged €128,000…
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Low quality sa day ng fb. Wala gusto ko lang din I post dito. Song: Vincent (starry, starry night) by Don McLean
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RT @kdntrans: he had to do double speed dance but he couldn’t recognise intro #KangDaniel #강다니엘
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@LadyAelfgifu What's your concert history? 1st concert: Iggy Pop Last concert: David Byrne Next: Caravan Palace…
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RT @IrishTimesLife: Jason Byrne: ‘You need a license for a dog but not for a baby’ via @IrishTimesLife
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RT @ru_rbc: Одна из крупнейших туристических фирм мира Thomas Cook прекратила деятельность. Властям Великобритании придется сам…
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RT @BradleyByrne: The Democrat-media complex is pushing fake news on a daily basis against President @realDonaldTrump. Now they have…
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RT @PyramidParrHall: Well, this is exciting! 😃 Join @MrEdByrne as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY…
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