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Paper bag over his head and then we can get to business
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RT @lali_031827: "i swear to god i was about to get dropped by my label. my business manager had called me like and said u have 4 mo…
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RT @cousincat: Australians don’t talk much about the working poor – but the pandemic recession might make us
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RT @lrmarsal: Our brain prefers to draw simple straight lines. Years of research show that our minds fail to understand nonlinea…
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RT @spectatorindex: BUSINESS: Bidder pays $28 million to accompany Jeff Bezos on the first human spaceflight arranged by Blue Origin
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RT @Jkylebass: The Epoch Times just posted my full testimony to the Texas Senate against the former PLA officer owning a wind farm…
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RT @shehawaiin1: Sagittarius are strong minded people. They don’t need nobody fr. They don’t like arguing they a dismiss yo ass in a…
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RT @SadhguruJV: Democracy is significant for allowing change of Leadership without bloodshed. It needs to be structured to become…
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Cancer drug company Oncternal takes reverse merger route to stock market
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RT @Reuters: WATCH: This 'flying' boat could be the solution to Venice’s erosion problem
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RT @Brandulinks: Parentably .com is a sweet, catchy name for a #Parenting related business #product or cause. Great for:…
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RT @pockettangerine: this interaction had no business being this funny
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Are you Business owner and want to advetise your busienss like this then google this keyword - khojinINDIA and regi…
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RT @parmooonx: my friend launched her wig business and i cashed out to make sure her first launch did amazing!!!
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RT @eStream_Studios: #MashableShopping #OnlineCourses Boost your business with this heavily discounted CEO course: TL;DR: The Complete C…
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RT @genmnz: all i do is sleep & mind my business so if u hating on me u weird
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RT @indianoluv: $1,560 in a week... wtffff😭😭 MY LASH BUSINESS IS BOOMINGGGGG.. i was literally making like $800-$900 a week 2 weeks ago.
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RT @bsindia: In India's pandemic, the rich buy luxury cars and the poor lose their homes, writes @andymukherjee70
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RT @machinelearnflx: 4 Business Strategies for Implementing Artificial Intelligence #ArtificialIntelligence
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