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@Smorcingson1 @twig123 @ParkerMolloy Yeah. A lot of people fetishize "vote him out! That'll show him!" (for other p…
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RT @divyadeviar: Only slice Bus and Pepsi 👌👍 #SliceWithShehnaaz #PepsiWithShehnaaz. @ishehnaaz_gill
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RT @ashindestad: Beware of black folks with this mentality! They'll even throw you under the bus at work.
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RT @pimlicat: Could someone please put this on the side of a bus so folks believe it?
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RT @ashoswai: Why was India’s Supreme Court sleeping for so long? Most of the migrants have reached home already if they have not…
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RT @CorbynistaTeen: The school I’m at, Eton, doesn’t open until September. So why is the government willing to risk the safety of state…
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@avtartide his bus del gnao said ⚫
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@nanniebrownsuga @tariqnasheed it was a staged masonic ritual. trash can says 66, thats a masonic #. gas sign has…
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@mackachenzie @MattMichaels17 How about the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s peaceful m…
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RT @RiZzyUTD: Liverpool's first ever Premier League title and they have to lift it in an empty stadium with no fans present, they…
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RT @sgonnawin2020: My contention is she is neither elderly nor disabled. Clear video of her kicking and cavorting around in that chai…
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IC Bus and @cityoftulsagov have reached an agreement that will keep the bus manufacturer and 1,600 jobs near…
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RT @orrchards: Retweet this Abolish ICE bus on your TL for inspiration and good luck.
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I now fully expect to get hit by a bus.
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RT @Blaaq_ie: I don almost settle all #TheMATTER finish na so them talk sey reverend sister wan enter bus, dildo fall commot from her bag 😭
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Ct ride bus sabko start kijiye sir
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RT @OrdinaryGamers: Been seeing tons of people throw cops as a whole under the bus, as someone who has family members who work in law e…
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RT @AptlyAnnie: The bus driver for our missionary in Peru was just put on a ventilator because of Covid. He's a very sweet man, and…
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