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@LuthandoZibeko We have a date brother, 😎
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RT @sheconcepcion23: To my Brother,Kuya,Tanda higit sa lahat mapang asar lagi dito sa room natin 🤣.Thank you sa 5 taon pagmamahal mo sa…
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Sri Lanka’s new president names brother Mahinda Rajapaksa as PM - world news - Hindustan Times
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Y’all Always talking about Bro this .. & Brother that❗️ Let me get some of that Sisterly Love & Shop With ya Boy A…
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Sobbing because my little brother just got into @UNewHaven 😭😭😭😭
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RT @perepereden: Not only does it feel real (imagine if your bro was basically a superstar with a ZeRo streak and everyone loved him…
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RT @ChanelRion: So Hunter has an affair with a woman in Arkansas WHILE being in a relationship with his dead brother’s wife. Then s…
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RT @ChanelRion: So Hunter has an affair with a woman in Arkansas WHILE being in a relationship with his dead brother’s wife. Then s…
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RT @Celinee_Nassar: My siblings convinced my dad that my brother got his ear pierced
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RT @jjpaldad: @petluvers4Trump @realDonaldTrump Rumor out there is Pelosi son, Romney son, Kerry & his son all siphoned $ from Uk…
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RT @Gillis9Rose: He disgraced the uniform. He didn't follow Protocol and report to OUR Commander & Chief, he told his brother, and…
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RT @Imamofpeace: What’s with the Democrats? - marrying and divorcing brothers - relations with campaign staff (Katie/Tlaib) - Nazi…
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RT @dragonian3333: DNA test shows Hunter Biden fathered child with Arkansas woman. Roberts’ child was born in Aug 2018, while Hunter w…
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@Ninja Me and my brother need help pating college. Please help
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RT @CFolks30: My brother just got nominated for a Grammy with the Dreamville album applying that pressure 🤭🔥🤟🏾@guapdad4000
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@Dyogo_P Brother, é papo de rescindir o contrato no vestiário
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RT @ACTJISUS: BOBBY's tattoos: 1. Fear Only God, Hate Only Sins 2. Worry About Nothing, Pray About Everything 3. ~ Crown of Thor…
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RT @MelaninMuurMan: For my brother out there who may need to hear this: Retain your "life force fluids" within. I've been noticing way…
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RT @___idda: Since we are defeated by Ateneo and the tigers gave us an unexpected journey this season, I’d just like to share t…
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