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RT @Kenjo_Arts: Role reversal Our bond can never be broken #gabe30k #dreamfanart #georgenotfoundfanart
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RT @kayleighmcenany: My heart is broken to learn of the murder of NYPD Officer Jason Rivera, just 22 years old. I will be praying for…
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RT @InspiredUs: There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog. ~Konrad Lorenz #quote
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bucky barnes aka emo chick that's broken
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RT @Zigmanfreud: 10 years ago today, Joe Paterno died a broken man. In “hindsight” he was the 1st victim of this era of “cancel cult…
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RT @inyour7dreams: ❤️🔥😭 how it how it's started going
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@gemlav3 @wappingraces I learned it from Gordon Ramsay. The little legs, crack them off and then roll the rolling p…
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RT @JohnStamos: I am broken. I am gutted.  I am in complete and utter shock.  I will never ever have another friend like him.  I love you so much Bobby.
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@JoypadLadShop Ultima spamming is so broken. 🤣🤣🤣 Kefka "I'm a god now! You can't stop me!" FF6 team: ultima combo…
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RT @FierceTeja: All lives end; all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage. EMERGING WINNER TEJASSWI
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@RearTodd You have the right to stick up for yourself and get a break I have taken care of my husband and son along…
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RT @RBlademaker: @DTM_Woodworks I made a broken mahogany table into a knife handle.
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Unsettled Ground, a place of shelter and cruelty, innocence and experience. Claire Fuller’s new novel, now in paper…
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@KaranCarwright He is like a broken record. Get the hint boozy no one us interested #BoozyShutUpAlready
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RT @Iukespov: 5sos should really make a show with their old songs live so like broken pieces, rejects,OSCO,story of another us,em…
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RT @kiyo_saiore: 動画投稿ーー!リトルナイトメアに触発されたといわれているゲーム。凄い世界観。あの興奮を思い出す。どうぞーー⇒少年がバケモノだらけの世界から逃げ出す絶望ホラーゲーム『 Broken Veil 』…
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i wanna say ang daming alterations sa broken marriage vow compared to k. ver pero i cant say it kasi i never watche…
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@namgiplskiss One day broken up already looking for someone new ..
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RT @c3naaX: I started painting this one right after the warrior piece. its the 1st climax of the story. it is called "The Broke…
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@B4NKYY I did not know this, and you’ve broken my heart
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