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RT @lightening_onew: 🎉✨Happy birthday,Minho!✨🎉 Hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and good health💖 #MINHO #SHINee…
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RT @FOAMfrat: Today FOAMfrat and FlightbridgeED are excited to announce the release of over a year of collaboration and hard work…
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Lmaooo I’m not tryna be the one that brings her drama to the TL but this niggar is really sitting here on Twitter b…
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@realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz @SenTedCruz should have run for @POTUS again. He would have my vote. However, he and t…
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Hope your holiday season brings peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.
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RT @hardforjoon: ...Oh god they were holding hands. "You said your hands were cold right?" Taehyung asks suddenly, voice low & tau…
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RT @HeatherHitchman: Another wee holiday deer is done! I think grey is quite a handsome color for a deer don't you? One more deer to go…
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@why_u_sad_idk @PJMCLASSIK this tweet brings the sorrow from stanning late 😭
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RT @EskoKilpi: “A breathtaking art installation in Scotland brings attention to projected sea-level rise”
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RT @TheCurrentPK: As smog season continues, The Current brings you daily morning update of the air quality in your city to launch our…
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RT @Phartyyma: Daily recitation of Quran brings reward from Allah; it can also bring other benefits in the form of the cleansing o…
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RT @ShawnMays19: @AwokeReady This always brings tears to my eyes
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Life is beautiful and brings many of opportunities if we see with the right perspective.
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@KwikWarren @Juliethewarrior His background is in advertising. He’s a Queens guy who founded an agency years ago, t…
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RT @AndrewDalhouse: Football is a competitively fought game that also brings people together . Nothing like it. Gotta keep the game beautiful ⚽️
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@plentyMEI @knowmorales @caldwellwilldo You express the same shea butter ideology and rhetoric as the others, and w…
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since trains are down in france it has to be my father that brings me to the hospital hahahahahhahaz
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@___Davie___ Lennon brings us down closer to their level.
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RT @addyiceangel: Good Morning Twitterverse. I hope today brings you hugs and puppies. ✨🌸🌻🌷🦋😊😇😊🦋🌷🌻🌸✨
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