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RT @RW_Gill: @watsoncomedian @watsonathon. Well done to all acts & the organisers. To name a few: @adamhillscomedy @joelycett
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@gorgeousdunny1 @RichForrest2 Couldn’t agree more Don. Ashby is a very nasty sook. But Kama has worked and he has r…
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RT @VoodooAlligator: AWOOOoooo! Tis the season for spooky things, and nothing is spookier than a huge, chunky Gator getting turned into…
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This deserves circulation for various reasons, but mainly because it’s brilliant.
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@Annemariealex @susannareid100 Fucking brilliant, their ineptitude is gonna kill 1000s needlessly, but its fine 30…
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@XS_11official @LFC You're a brilliant footballer man. Great from you,we love to see you balling for us
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Halloween on social media is brilliant
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RT @markdonnelly_: Brilliant from Luke O'Nien. Break in play and Gillingham huddle up and are shown tactics by their staff. O'Nien j…
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@wearecanteen First thing that springs to mind after seeing these brilliant pics
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@moylie69 Brilliant!! Your best yet.....and starring her majesty “The Dame” too!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. The Jim Morrison vocal…
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RT @skinandall_: This is so sad. A brilliant doctor who is all about saving lives now fighting for his own life. Please, nothing is…
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@Filby_Lu I’m good, thanks Lucy! Brilliant to see it all of this fantastic work happening! Hope everything good with you. :)
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RT @Hilding_EU: Came across this brilliant quote, which is so fitting for 2020 given all the #Censorship2020 and #lockdown And in…
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RT @CCLGBTnetwork: October is drawing to a close and with it #BlackHistoryMonth20 We've leant a lot from brilliant on-line events and…
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RT @themichaelcaine: Sean Connery A Great Star, Brilliant Actor and a wonderful friend. The Man Who Would Be King was THE KING
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Thank you @CantataBach we thought it was brilliant @CCC_LoveMusic @RSNO
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@EddieHearn @Savmarshall1 @Claressashields brilliant performance 👏👏
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RT @its_a_me__Mario: Brilliant event today at Moseley park this evening glad the weather held out
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@dgurdasani1 @peterjukes ideological stubbornness. brilliant. but sadly you're probably right
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