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Italy: Migrant Who Killed Eight People in 2010 Arrested After Killing Again via @BreitbartNews Vehicular jihad.
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RT @KurtSchlichter: She’s done more for the Republican brand this year than Republicans
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Free Speech Platform Gab May Be Forced Out of Germany via @BreitbartNews
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RT @MarshaBlackburn: If undermining the Commander in Chief is “routine,” we have serious issues.
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@hcesd @McFreier @HermanCainAward @BreitbartNews Do direct deposit, much faster.
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Joe Biden is COMPLETELY pathetic. He has got to go NOW! Unfortunately, the actual power will remain even if we show…
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@HermanCainAward @BreitbartNews The hardest thing for conservatives to grasp is that the rest of us are not as terrible as they are.
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RT @HermanCainAward: According to this @BreitbartNews Op-Ed, liberals are pushing the vaccine aggressively because if liberals are for i…
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@BreitbartNews No, they're just setting up the tech for social credit system that will have to approve those transactions over 600$
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This is unconstitutional. We may see a return of cash transactions and mattress saving acct if this goes through.
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RT @boycottmandates: @BreitbartNews These are the landlords complexes.. Judging by their reviews.. No one wants to live there anyways
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@HermanCainAward @BreitbartNews predict we will have a new virus-themed phrase to replace 'cutting off your nose to spite your face"
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RT @southsher: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Venezuelan, Colombian Migrants Cross Border Upstream from Del Rio Migrant Camp via @BreitbartNews
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@GROWUPREPUBLIC1 @BreitbartNews Trump isn't president.
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