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RT @MrChuckD: Civil War talk in USA is dumbsht. Learn from the rest of the planet that NObody wants it. My eyes saw 8 mile line o…
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RT @Kno: Trump: *breaks USPS on purpose* *something bad happens with the mail* Trump:
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@MEADOW_4564 Have fun writing! Remember to take breaks
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I wish Shahab had never declared kids would be fine without masks if they “face forward” — because that’s the just…
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RT @icyyice: ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ when u follow me please expect some random replies on your posts, i usually do it when i'm taking so…
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seeing those pictures of chrissy teigen breaks my heart
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@chrissyteigen My heart breaks for you and your family. May baby Jack always live within you all. ❤️❤️
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RT @zx101z: Wife of Boston Marathon Hero Breaks Her Silence – Claims Biden Touched Her Inappropriately and Made Suggestive Comm…
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@knjeIite *Me breaks into sweat as being Tae biased* 😬
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RT @azl0u: Hey @RandPaul You don’t believe in so called “gov hand outs” but you proposed tax breaks to companies in YOUR stat…
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Question time: I saw that working on side stuff helps recovering and refreshing ideas more than taking breaks, but…
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Just been told the awful news that a parent of a child I used to look after in a previous job has sadly passed awa…
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RT @hhanaiviv: Miscarriages are heartbreaking, it emotionally breaks you. Any woman that has endured this pain can’t and won’t eve…
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RT @coybarker: You’re about to experience floods of FAVOR and GOOD BREAKS! Receive and Retweet!
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@chrissyteigen My heart breaks for you
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@tripplecholete_ @Reuters And, Trump promised to eliminate national debt in 8 years, yet he's added over $5 trillio…
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RT @SeokJin_Kary: Lpm nunca mejor dicho, otra muestra mas de que la excusa para que NO tenga solos o NO aparezca en los dance breaks…
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RT @wlwalicia: the fact that alycia got offered to play lexa again and her first thought was 'wait is this gonna hurt them again'…
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This breaks my heart... I can’t imagine the pain they’re going through...
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George Floyd's sister breaks silence urging: 'Don't let my brother die in vain'
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