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had breakfast, lunch, AND a snack today. i’m on a roll 🥳
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@HawkeyesUK I would not claim to be an expert in this subcategory of pizza, but I do like Casey's pizza in general…
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RT @greatist: Studies suggest that a fiber-rich breakfast can help people maintain a healthy weight.
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@theHERBSmc74 Get ya self a proper breakfast bro
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1 frank /to read/ comics 2 watch /they/ to eat/ for breakfast 3 when /his mum/ to come / home 4 to be peter from…
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RT @WritingToRiches: Breakfast cereal is terrible in every way Can't even call it "food" Will not explain
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Breakfast on the front verandah. Akitio.
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@GarnettLee 20 inches over the weekend in Livingston. Waves as you go by! Drive safe!
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RT @LincyRenistella: @bts_bighit #TO_BTS Der r random things that makes me happy like seeing tiny rain drops in cablewires during rain…
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tw // eating disorders i don't think ive eaten anything other than the bowl of ice cream and my breakfast sandwich today uhm
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Anyone else like to dice up habaneros and put them on your eggs for breakfast?
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i could be vegetarian and eat snickers for breakfast.
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@WrestlingTravel that in itself is one of the biggest, inconsequential things we lost because of more 24 hour breakfast at McDs 😰
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😂✊ We need a petition to end Breakfast TV now. 🦇💩 crazy patronising lefties love telling ppl how to think. No bett…
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@dadlook Does your wife know you won’t eat breakfast at dinner?
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RT @richimedhurst: "A prosecutor who also likes hiphop" lmao. Kamala said on the Breakfast Club that she smoked weed and listened to 2…
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RT @DailyMirror: EXCLUSIVE Tory MP blasts 'chaotic parents' who send children to school without breakfast
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@princess_missy_ Thanks for this. Very helpful. Looks like little italy is the best option. Would have loved Eusebi…
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@ChelsForLife32 Had it takeaway last night & for breakfast this morning. 🤤
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RT @bealelab: It turns out that the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser understand this better than a Breakfast Sh…
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