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RT @941_KT: People with Families like this don’t know how blessed they are 🥺
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RT @liambeadle: The attempt to stop the faithful receiving the blessèd Sacrament in a Covid-secure environment – when it remains le…
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RT @941_KT: People with Families like this don’t know how blessed they are 🥺
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RT @Iren_Horrors: Cozy Sabbath 🍂🎃🖤🔮 Finally done! Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain, witches!
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RT @Trad_West_Art: Thesmophoria 'O beloved Demeter, grieving mother. In your grief you gave your daughter so…
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Never let us forget the reason for the season #blessed
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RT @FaranakAzad1: #OnThisDay October 31, 1960 After the blessed birth of the Crown Prince of Iran in 1960, the Iranian newspapers…
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@msapeach Truly blessed and in love creia que era halloween no me cumpleaños cuz such a queen Hope this serves as an answer
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RT @RealJamesWoods: To my friends on Twitter: I just noticed that the number of followers I’m blessed to have just ticked over to 2.7 m…
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@JoelBeeke Stay safe and Blessed.
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RT @USCCB: Blessed Michael McGivney founded the @KofC in 1882 on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.…
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Important notice to our Social Media Warriors debating with Turkish trolls: "If you are insulted for the name of Ch…
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RT @blizzie_dee: I love this portrait💖💖 Special thanks to the organizers of this M&G God bless y'all🙏🙏 Star Girl I love u so much❤❤…
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@biswolest20 My wife is a wonderful woman. I am a very blessed and grateful man.
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Appreciation post to the lady who's melodious voice harmonized wizkid last chorus on "blessed🙌❤️
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#UnitedShowbiz takes a different face spiritually 🙏🏽 @utvghanaofficial @iamamamcbrown @dianaahamilton @MOGmusic_
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RT @LouiseMensch: I cannot wait to be blessed with this woman in the White House. What a leader @KamalaHarris is.
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RT @Wet_Wizkid: I used @Shazam to discover Blessed by Wizkid Feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley.
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RT @Its_Knockzz: Sometimes you gotta remind people.. I was blessed before I met you and I’m gonna be blessed after you leave, don’t…
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