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RT @dudebeyourself: being black in america is being told you can’t come inside of an establishment because you have on sweatpants but y…
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also I think its neat that black cats were thought to bring good luck in terms of romance and calico cats bring luc…
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RT @75_jet: Rt,send 1pic.(my black shirt) #imgforลั่น
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Pilot program helps farmers protect livestock from black vultures
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RT @ananavarro: Lt. Nazario being pepper-sprayed by cops, reminded me last month, late at night, I saw many cop cars on my bougie s…
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RT @_shd08: "Emotions are never black and white, they more like symptoms. You lose your breath everytime they enter the room, y…
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RT @Vuittots: Mamkhize’s Black Badge Bafwetu
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i don’t trust anyone that likes black magic
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RT @TeaPainUSA: Republicans claim they "love" our military. Well, at least the white military.
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RT @margotroosevelt: Racial inequity in banking? 15% of Black households and 13% of Latino households in CA lack accounts, compared with le…
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RT @faridahlikestea: A lot of people don’t view Black muslims as “real” muslims and it is why we get left out of a lot of things/ treate…
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RT @JCarrollFoy: When I announced I was running for Governor of Virginia, people said they weren’t ready for a Black woman Governor.…
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A black-crowned night heron catches a fish in the Nankang River in Taoyuan. #birding
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@VoteWithARMY My favorite color is black #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt
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RT @OweeeeenDennis: 4 days until the final season of #infinitytrain airs on @hbomax! April 15! Infinity Train! HBOMax! #animation…
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RT @quelysir: @tattyhassan Black Forrest cheese. Ultimate favorite 😙
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RT @RonMilnerBoodle: Does anyone know if the Black Lives Matter organization has donated any significant amount of money they raised to…
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THIS is a gODDAMN lie. I remember the fanfights black oceans and being at eachothers throat every damn day during 2…
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RT @TheCourtKim: The thing about DMX’s passing (for me) is that I truly believe that so many Black people experience childhood traum…
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RT @planet_eros: Please help a 19 year old Black non-binary person raise money for HRT and other living necessities!!…
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