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@nomadpdx I felt so silly and alone. I thought I was the only one with this freaking black hole in my mind that occ…
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Hoy escuchamos #Black en @Oye897 OYE BLACK CON YEZKA
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RT @TeenVogue: 51 years ago today Fred Hampton was assassinated by Chicago police and the FBI "We had a Rainbow Coalition, and th…
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RT @luxeart_: En ce jour de black friday ils sont à moitié prix sur ce site et la livraison est offerte
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Sooo I have a question for my white comrades. Why do some white guys say shit like, "I've been told that I _______…
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So they can sit up here and rip off and profit from black culture then simultaneously continue to be ignorant and…
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RT @suehiroar: How to make your Twitter Black & White ;; a thread
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RT @strongblacklead: EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Viola Davis as Ma Rainey in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Viola completely embodies the aptly nam…
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RT @CAugustusM: Shuri’s actress, tweeted some anti-vaxx conspiracy video and then liked tweets calling for Black Panther 2 to be ca…
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RT @jacobinmag: Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, assassinated on this day in 1969, explains how the ruling class uses racism to e…
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RT @LondynnTheDoll: “He never even loved Her” “she dtm” “girl take a break” y’all never fail to show how y’all don’t care abt black women feelings
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@DeanBrowningPA You know what would make a good @nbcsnl skit? Something about an obscure PA pol who forgot to log i…
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and op purposely left out a huge part of the insta posts on purpose in order to provoke outrage against a black woman what is new..
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RT @najaeminpics: YOU have a crush on black haired jaemin
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Black lightsaber...
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RT @fobbsmagazine: Eros is a Black trans woman in an unsafe living situation and she’s still very far from her goal, please boost and…
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RT @2LarryJohnson7: These so-called Black Democratic leaders today, enjoy regurgitating “400 Years of Slavery,” and exclude the fact th…
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RT @SocialistMMA: This should be the guy that black people look up to Not fucking Barack Obama
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RT @KEET_PFERD: Life’s like a piano.The white keys represent happiness & the black keys shows you go throug…
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@Mizzu_black 씻고옴ㅅㅂ
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